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    Hotel Escargo Consulting on 3 main areas of focus.

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    As a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team, you have been asked to collect data on the three main areas of focus (check-in, check-out, and hotel offerings) and graph the data to identify any issue occurrences. Use the hotel information provided here. Collect the data, create graphs and/or tables, and describe any work measurement and time study analysis you would do. Then, from this analysis, select one main area of focus and create a fishbone diagram that captures all potential root causes. Provide a brief analysis of descriptive text on the identified items. Also describe how work sampling and time study assist in analysis.

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    As a hired consultant you have been asked to collect data and analyze it as it pertains to three basic areas of service. Graphs have been prepared to better represent and understand the findings. Based on the analysis of this data, several areas have been identified for improvement. The check-in area was of special interest, and available data was further analyzed in order to capture root causes.