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Simplified Gauge Verification: Statistical Methods for Six Sigma

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Suppose in the manufacturing process, a part needs to be 2.5 inches. Due to the random errors, it cannot be 2.5 inches exactly. Here are some readings from the inspectors. Please find the % of gauge error. Please also state how the gauge verification improves the performance of a manufacturing process.

Master Part Diameter Reading =2.5 inches
Allowable Dimensions: Max= 2.55 inches
Min=2.35 inches
Inspector A Reading Diameter Dimension
1 2.51
2 2.53
3 2.55
4 2.54
5 2.49
Inspector B 1 2.5
2 2.52
3 2.39
4 2.41
5 2.43
Inspector C 1 2.52
2 2.53
3 2.47
4 2.48
5 2.39


1. Answer questions with clarity and show steps for calculation

Chapter 9 Simplified Gauge Verification in

Brussee, Warren (2004) Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy, Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071433853

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