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Manufacturing Process Statistical Analysis

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An Introduction to Gage R & R - Simplified Gauge Verification

Sir/ Ma'am,
I understand the basic premise that Gage R&R helps determine the magnitude of the variation in a measurement system as well as the sources of this variation. I also see that while the sources of variation can be numerous, three of these sources are fundamental: part-to-part variation, repeatability and reproducibility. What I am struggling with are the Excel formulas that are required to chart the specific steps in the verification process. The directions below require Excel formula operations that I am not successful with. Please help me to understand the exact Excel process to chart the activities below.
Suppose in the manufacturing process, a part needs to be 2.5 inches. Due to the random errors, it cannot be 2.5 inches exactly. Here are readings from three inspectors in a verification test. Find the % of gauge error. How does the gauge verification improve the performance of a manufacturing process?

Data from three Inspectors

Master Part Diameter Reading =2.5 in.
Allowable Dimensions:
....Max= 2.55 in.
....Min = 2.35 in.
Reading Diameter Dimension
Inspector A 1 2.51
2 2.53
3 2.55
4 2.54
5 2.49

Inspector B 1 2.50
2 2.52
3 2.39
4 2.41
5 2.43

Inspector C 1 2.52
2 2.53
3 2.47
4 2.48
5 2.39
Assignment Expectations
Provide a report with your analysis. Answer questions with clarity and show the detailed steps for calculation. Use Excel for the calculations. Upload your Excel file into Additional Files.

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This solution provides an examination of 3 inspectors inspection results. The expected value is 2.5, but the manufacturing process doesn't allow each item to be manufactured at 2.5. The upper control limit and lower control limit are used to compare the observed manufacturing parts.

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