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    Simplified Gauge Verification

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    I am using Apple Inc

    Consider the organization you selected for Module 1. Discuss the product or parts manufactured or used in this organization. Try to apply the Gauge Verification in this process. Show your understanding of how this Gauge Verification help you understand the randomness and errors. Collect your own data to support your argument and assess cultural, international and/or global perspectives in business.

    Turn in your two to four page paper by the Module due date.

    SLP Assignment Expectations
    1.Answer questions with clarity.
    2.Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.
    3.Search in our library to find papers/articles to support your argument, cite them in your paper, and show them in the reference list

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    //In relation to the manufacturing process of Apple Inc., the following analysis is done on the products and parts manufactured by the company. There is a process called Simplified Gauge Verification process, which has a tendency to improve the manufacturing process and designing methods. In this relation, in the following discussion, the gauge verification process is discussed in order to reduce the errors in the designs.//
    Overview of Manufacturing Process of Apple
    To be a dominant company in the market, the company has to follow certain strategies and ethics in order to maintain its reputation in the market. In relation to this, Apple Inc., which is an American multinational technological company, has completely followed these policies to be one of the best companies related to the technology and communication field in the world. Apple Inc. has always chosen to include innovation in its products and keep devising its technologies that are implemented in the products (Apple, 2016). At present, Apple Inc. is mainly operating from the Cupertino headquarter, where designing and development of the products take place. In the initial years, all the products were being manufactured in the USA. Due to the analysis done on the skills of foreign workers and profitability issues, Apple ...

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