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Surgery Department: Gauge Verification

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Discuss the product or use of products in the surgical department. Try to apply the Gauge Verification in this process. Show your understanding of how this Gauge Verification helps you understand the randomness and errors. Collect your own data to support your argument and assess cultural, international and/or global perspectives in business.

1. Answer questions with clarity.
2. Search in library to find papers/articles to support your argument, cite them in your paper, and show them in the reference list.

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In the surgical department, several operating rooms are part of the operating suite that forms a distinct section in a hospital. Besides the operating rooms and their washrooms, it has rooms for personnel to change, wash, and rest.
In the surgical department operating rooms, an operating table can be raised, lowered, and tilted in any direction (1). There are operating room lights, anesthesia machine, and an electronic monitor.

Gauge verification means verifying each piece of equipment at time of use. This includes checking the basic functions are in working order. In addition, gauge verification means checking for any defects that might indicate possible malfunction. In practice, this means testing the gauge over an entire range of values and comparing the values to expected values. In the surgical department, the highest level of quality is required. Formal gauge verification is very important (2). The gauge used must be of the highest standards, and the hospital or testing personnel must have the highest training.

Let us consider an electronic monitor for recording the heart rate and respiratory rate by adhesive patches placed on a patient's ...

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