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    ANOVA application in a surgical department

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    In the surgical department:

    1. Describe the product or service, the quality issue and why it is important.
    2. Describe how the data would be collected and what the categories are in which you need to determine if there is a difference in the mean.
    3. Why is it important to know, and what are the implications if the means are equal and if they are not equal?
    4. Do you need to go further and find out which specific means are not equal to each other?
    5. References

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    ANOVA Application in Surgical Department


    Analysis of variance is a statistical model to test if there exists significant differences between means. It tests whether the means of various groups are equal or not ("What is ANOVA", n.d).


    With surgery there is a fear among patients which is related to the time it takes for complete recovery. The surgical department can utilize statistical model like ANOVA to determine factors on which recovery of a patient would depend. One of the factors could be the fitness level of the patient at the time of surgery. The surgical department can utilize the experiment to check if patients can recover faster if they as fit before the surgery.

    If the patient is physically fit prior to surgery the patient would recover faster as compared to a patient who is not physically fit before the surgery. We can use ANOVA to determine how prior fitness affects recovery ...

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    This solution provides an application of ANOVA for a situation in surgical department.