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Calculating Gas Gauge Pressure

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Four tanks of gas, labeled A, B, C, and D are stored under different conditions. The gases in these tanks are then placed into a fifth, tank E. Eventually, the combined gases reach a temperature which is that of the 25 degrees celcius room. What will be the gauge pressure of the final sample? Tank information for each tank is as follows:

Tank A: Temp: -25 degrees celcius, gauge pressure: 1000 mmHg and volume: 25 liters.
Tank B: Temp: 0 degrees celcius, gauge pressure: 1000 mmHg and volume: 15 liters.
Tank C: Temp: 20 degrees celcius, gauge pressure: 4000mmHg and volume: 8 liters.
Tank D: Temp: 55 degrees celcius, gauge pressure: 1500mmHg and volume: 10 liters.
Tank E: Temp: 25 degrees celcius, gauge pressure: 0mmHg and volume: 20 liters.

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This solution looks at the gas pressure when several gases are put into one tank.

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This problem can be broken down into two steps:
1. Find the number of moles in each of the tanks: A, B, C, D and E.
2. Use the gas formula to find out the pressure if all of the molar quantities calculated in step 1 are put into container E.

Formulas to use:
p * V = n * R * T, where R = 0.0821 L * atm/(mol * K), pressure (absolute) in ...

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