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Heat and Thermodynamics: Gas laws

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1. A 24 litre tank is stored in a 15 degree C room. Its gauge reads 280 psi. A 50 litre tank is stored in a 34 degree C room. Its gauge reads 425 psi. The two tanks are then joined by a piece of tubing, the combination being placed in a 0 degree C cooler. However, in the connection process 8 percent of the total gas is lost. What will either pressure gauge read one day later?

2. A certain person is breathing at a normal rate, the power associated with this breathing being 100 mW. After a short period of hard exercise, the volume of air being inhaled is doubled. As a result, the power of breathing grows to 800 mW. What is occurring as a result of this increased breathing volume. Justify your answers.

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Two gas storage tanks at different pressure (psi) and temperature are connected, final pressure is calculated in this solution. It also discusses how the power associated with breathing is increased.