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Ecommerce and security

Go to an e-commerce site. Browse through some selections and then begin to make a purchase. Note where the site uses encryption and where it does not. Does the site use secure pages when you are entering credit card information or when you are entering your e-mail address or looking at your shopping cart? Pleae give specific det

Strategies for Change

1. Discuss the requirements of a twenty-first century employee. 2. Of what does an adaptive corporate culture consist? 3. Compare and contrast the organizations of the twentieth and twenty-first century. Provide an example of each to support your claims. 4. In your opinion, what will the winning enterprise of the twenty

International Law Questions

Write a 350-700 word response answering these questions: USING YOUR OWN WORDS. 1. What is the impact of electronic commerce on the entire United States legal system (Meiners, 2003)? 2. What is the impact of e-business on the global legal environment (Meiners, 2003)? 3. What are the similarities and differences between th

You have been hired to manage the e-business division of a wholesale

You have been hired to manage the e-business division of a wholesale distribution company. The e-business division sells the company's merchandise at outlet store prices. At the last administrative meeting, someone suggested the e-business division could improve its bottom line by selling the names and e-mail addresses of its cu

You have finally convinced the ECM of the advantages of an e-commerce website. Now all you need to do is prepare a brief business plan to outline your model, strategy, and processes for their approval.

Donna wants the e-commerce portal to sell all its furniture line with regular prices as well as clearance items. She gives you a free hand in any other models you may choose: P2P, C2C, etc. The target audience is the same as the main store customer demographics (employed, professionals/families, young professionals starting out

E commerce : explained

Dot-Com Bust: What really happened? What are the lessons to be learned? What can we apply to e-businesses now? What is the potential for e-business now? Write your thoughtful analysis. Give an example that "went bust." Class, is what happened during the bust similar to what brought us into this deep recession? How

Discussion questions

1. On Friday night as I logged onto to buy airline tickets to fly back to Bangalore for the week I saw an e-Trade ad on tv. I was struck by the online trend. What role do online channel systems play in the way we buy airline tickets and stocks? How will this marketing system alter many industries? 2. How does e

Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes

Using the Problem Solution Template, develop a 3,000-4,500-word paper in which you propose a solution to help Harrison-Keyes move from a standard publishing format to an e-book format. Remember that your solution needs to focus on the project management concepts covered in the course (see the mind maps in Weeks One through Three

Marketing environment: recommend strategies to convert to E-business.


Legal and Security Implications of E-Businesses

You are required to research and analyze the legal and /or security implications of implementing an e-business system in an enterprise. Imagine you are launching a website where customers can buy online. Include: - What kind of security threats are out there. - What security measures do you need to take? What can you who are the stakeholders

Need help with the following: Based only on the website I need help identifying 1. Who the Stakeholder's are and their role. 2. The services the company provides and the industry impact it has.

Managing content on an e-Commerce Site

How should content on an eCommerce site be managed? What content needs to be managed, who should be responsible for site content, how should it be updated, what controls (approval processes, etc) need to be in place?

Operations Management (Supply chains)

1) What are some characteristics of efficient/responsive supply chains? What factors should a supplier consider when trying to establish a long-term relationship with one of its customers? What are the advantages in using the postponement strategy? 2) What factors need to be considered when running an E-business in respect t

Fixed and variable costs : explained

Can you help me get started with this assignment? What are some examples of fixed and variable costs from your workplace? Which costs may have both variable and fixed components? How can this be resolved for analysis purposes? What is the definition of operating leverage? How does operating leverage differ in manufacturin

Multi media technology

How can multimedia technology be used to enhance the business relationship with B2C and B2B customers? What are the challenges in using multimedia technology? Can video game technology be used to meet this challenge?

Technology Change

What technology changes have occurred since 2006? Please describe any major advances, significant e-business initiatives, and the ramifications of these advances.

E-business Skills Preceded

Your e-business skills have preceded you. It is widely known that you have expert insight into what works and what does not on the web. List and describe (tell why you think it is a good idea) 5 possible products or services that could do well on the Internet as an e-business. Evolution Paper

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Prepare a 450 word essay, describing Amazon's strategy. The essay must address the following components: Present areas where Amazon is competing with Google and Microsoft and whether competition is a wise strategy. Address Amazon's database and its uses: possible data ma

KLF Electronics KLF

1. KLF Electronics is an American manufacturer of electronic equipment. The company has a single manufacturing facility in San Jose California. (20 points) KLF Electronics distributes its products through five regional warehouses located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. In the current distribution system

Case study analysis of Case 1-1: G.W. Pergault, Inc

Please help; I have attached the case study. Please provide with APA references, citations if any... Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word case study analysis of Case 1-1, G.W. Pergault, Inc., located at the end of Chapter One in the Management of a Sales Force text. Based on this analysis, explain how technology can enhance an organiza

E-business, intellectual property, jurisdiction issues

Please provide answer for the following scenario: You are starting a corporation that sells pet treadmills. Initial market research shows a potential for high demand in affluent areas and cities with severe weather. You also foresee a lucrative international market, which you can tap through a web site on the Internet. You pl

Over Surveying the Consumer

How can an e-commerce organization use surveying to monitor customer satisfaction? What are the issues with over-surveying? APA format Include citations and references to support your offering. Wikipedia is not accepted as a valid resource.

Universal Music: Supply chain and marketing elements in e-business

Research the supply chain and marketing elements for Universal Music ( The paper would include the information on the supply chain and marketing elements. At the end of the paper, the following would be addressed: Addresses how e-Business supply chain and marketing differs from traditional brick and

Frequent Shopper Program

Prepare a paper 3 - 5 pages (1050 to 1750 words) describing the potential electronic commerce aspects related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program. You will include the legal, ethical and security considerations for the development of this program. Additionally, provide a description of the financ