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Kudler Fine Foods Service

Create a Problem Statement
Based on Problem Solving Based Scenarios, the USAuto Scenario, and the Week Four discussion, identify with your Learning Team a set of issues facing Kudler Fine Foods that is worthy of management's attention.

Write an APA formatted paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you create a problem statement, from the identified issues, which focuses management's efforts to solve these issues and reach the organization's goals. Create an end vision of Kudler Fine Foods by describing where Kudler could be if this problem is solved by management

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// Before discussing the main requirements of the paper, it is essential to know something about Kudler Fine Foods. The first section gives a short introduction explaining, what the company is and how it carries out its business activities. //


Kudler Fine Foods is located in San Diego and was established in the year 1998. It is a specialty food store and has various divisions like bakeries and pastries, meat and seafood, packaged foods and cheese and dairy products. The company always provides quality food to the customers and has expanded its business operations at several locations, around the globe. It is continuously trying to develop its operations. The company is attaining growth by introducing several programs, which benefit the customers. The firm has also entered into e-commerce to benefit the business in a significant manner. The paper will focus on the various issues that the company is facing. A problem statement from these issues will be framed and solutions for them will be given. An end vision for the corporation will also be formed, which will depict the position where Kudler could be, if the issues or problems are solved by management.

// After giving an introduction of the company, the next section will focus on discussing the problem statement of the company, based on the various issues that it is facing. It will explain about the major problems of the company. //

Problem Statement

The company has a very small management team with great responsibility for various locations. Kathy Kudler is responsible for all the transactions taking place within the company. She also takes care of ordering inventory, as well as, of the decision making activities. She is the only person responsible management of operations in the firm with no back up. It is very difficult for her to manage the stores at various locations. ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1266 words with references.