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    Managing an e-business (avoiding failure)

    Company leaders are still a bit concerned about the possibility of becoming an e-commerce failure. You decide that the best thing to do is to face the issue head on, and show that Michelle's can avoid the errors that caused other companies to fail. You bring this topic up in your next meeting with leaders. Cite an example of

    Auctions can be a means to acquiring a price point

    While auctions can be a means to acquiring a price point I don't feel that auctions can be used in all cases regarding e-business. When you look at pricing parity and currency exchanges, auctions might have a hard time setting a true price point. What could probably work is to use the Big Mac Index to initially set a bottom in p

    Brand names and the success of business transaction

    Brand name is the key to the success or failure of any business transaction. This is the reason e-Bay has continued to remain the number one competitor as it relates to other on-line bidding companies. This coupled and partnering with PayPal and providing the necessary security IT infrastructure to it's clients has been the foun

    Buy-it-now and E-Commerce

    The buy-it-now is not such a bad thing. However, the person making the purchase should do some homework about the product to see if in fact they are getting the best price. Recently I went on-line in search for a particular artist's handbags that were hand-painted. In my search, I found this purse with two prices. The bidding

    FaceBook - challenges with security issues

    Facebook has had its challenges with security issues as well. They had a virus last fall that targeted users and created spam messages and sent them to the infected users' friends via the Facebook site. They also had chain letters telling users that Facebook was going to start charging them to use the site. In response, Faceb

    eBay and Buy it Now

    I can understand how some people would be unhappy about the "buy it now" option on eBay, because it appears to be taking the auction out of an auction site. However, the auction part is still there for any that want to participate. Even with a "buy it now" tag on an auction - a bidder can go in and bid at or above the starting

    Managing e-business

    Michelle's has contracted you to prepare a plan for taking their business into e-commerce. Many areas of the company are not prepared to handle this transformation and they've asked you to prepare a set of recommendations on how to handle the following areas: Transactions (e.g., How do we handle Billing and Payment in an e-co

    Electronic commerce security (client, servers and communications)

    Please explain the following subjects in 200-300words each Online security issues ● Security for client computers ● Security for the communication channels between computers ● Security for server computers ● Organizations that promote computer, network, and Internet security


    3. Explain management of the customer life cycle in terms of the three phases of CRM: acquiring, enhancing, and retaining customer relationships. 4. What are some organizational challenges of implementing CRM, and what are some next-generation CRM trends? 5. Test your comprehension of the principles in this module by discussin

    Dilemma of Product Liability

    Are there some who are bypassing or shirking their responsibilities as retailers or service providers in interstate commerce, claiming their website as an excuse? Interstate commerce has been established for quite some time, and there should be laws and regulations established regardless of the method of engagement or communicat

    Gmail and Yahoo

    One method I've found very effective is to open what I call a "trash account." Open a Gmail or Yahoo account to be used only for web registrations and such. I'm VERY stingy with my real email address. If I need to give an email for activating rights on a website, I give my Yahoo account. It's real and perfectly legitimate. So if

    Free Market Problems

    Look at how much the U.S. taxpayer is incurring as a result of the sub-prime debocle. Free-market deregulation has cost our citizens tremendously. China's citizens are moving into the middle-class segment of the population at exponential rates. Industrialization does happen to bolster economies and individuals, however China's c

    Legal System Identification, Comparison, and Analysis

    Memorandum To: Mr. Al Jones From: Team C Legal Defense Date: July 13, 2009 Subject: Legal System Identification, Comparison, and Analysis Introduction Thank you for providing Team C Legal Defense with the opportunity to assess and analyze your legal situation. A summary of the legal situation is outlined b

    Spam email

    As the Internet became more popular so did the rise of receiving annoying spam-mail. However, because of the continued cry from the public's demand regarding this, being removed from these such list are much more effective. One thing that helps is if you receive an email from an unsolicited site is ignore and simply delete it.

    DC transfer metro cards

    In the DC area the use of paper transfers have been discontinued. The purpose is to encourage the public to purchase metro cards. These metro cards although good is another tracking system. For example, if you use this card to enter the gate and later loose it, when you call customer service, there is a record of where the ca

    educational institutions privacy and security

    An overriding challenge that some educational institutions face when dealing with privacy and security risks continues to be the fundamental conflict between a culture that values, exchange of ideas, and the security and privacy of sensitive or private information. explain

    Managing e-business

    Assignment: Michelle's management team was impressed with your last presentation and has decided to take their business into the digital marketplace. Prepare a Power Point presentation to be presented to the V.P. of Marketing that outlines some recommendations for a Marketing and Communication Plan for hairfauxyou.com. Suggesti

    Describe three of the general online approaches that companies might follow to communicate with their users. In what ways does this type of communication differ from direct communication?

    Describe three of the general online approaches that companies might follow to communicate with their users. In what ways does this type of communication differ from direct communication? In what type of market communications do most companies spend the bulk of their advertising dollars? What are some of the advantages of that t

    Removing Spam from an Email

    I've seen these messages at the bottom of spam email regarding the removal from a listing. What people need to know is that the process for being removed from an email list may take awhile. The normal time is about 2-3 weeks. But what I have noticed is if people are more careful when visiting sites, they decrease the chances

    The basic functions of online payment systems

    In 200-300 words please summarize the following subjects in your own word with no references: ● The use of payment cards in electronic commerce ● The history and future of electronic cash ● How electronic wallets work ● The use of stored-value cards in electronic commerce ● Internet technolog

    Business process patents and e-commerce tax laws

    1-The advantages and disadvantages of issuing business process patents have been hotly debated by legal scholars and business people. One compromise proposal advanced by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, is to allow the issuance of business patents, but only allow them to be effective for a short time, perhaps two or three year

    E-business (product disparagement and nexus)

    Please help me answer the following questions in your own words: 1-Define product disparagement. In two or three paragraphs, present an example of product Disparagement 2- Explain the idea of nexus. Why is it an important concept in state and international taxation? In what ways is it similar to jurisdiction?

    Professor Rappa's Web site (digitalenterprise.org)

    I need help to summarize the following subjects in 200-300 words Share your impressions of Professor Rappa's Web site (see below) in terms of what areas you have initially found helpful in learning more about governance, intellectual property and ethical issues in e-business Online Activity Tasks: Governance and Regulation

    e-business online prices

    People often go online to compare prices and products; due to this, marketing an e-business is important and difficult. Personally, when I purchase a big ticket item I always go online to look into the business and product. During this search I often come across ad's for businesses I have not heard of and research them as well.

    trust and loyalty in an e-business

    The trust and loyalty are such big aspects in any business relationship -- but I think it is essential for an e-business. The larger brand names that we have grown to trust have an advantage when they opt to expand to an e-business, because the trust and loyalty has been branded with them through years of earning their reputati

    Domain monetization

    When a site is developed for this purpose by a domain monetization service, it acts like a giant billboard space with ads that generate revenue by placing those ads in view of many potential customers.Explain

    E marketing advantages of technology-enabled customer; search engine inclusion

    Describe the key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline the advantages that technology-enabled customer relationship management has over traditional seller−customer interactions? Describe what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain why an advertiser might use

    SEO: Ranking of new websites Google, increasing traffic and ranking

    One of the interesting things that factor into getting a site ranked is the age of the site. Typically, Google will not rank any new site for six to twelve months. I believe Yahoo is also about the same time frame. So, keeping the time factor in mind, a start up business would need to realize that their website might take up