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ECommerce help

How did the following 3 websites moved from brick and mortar to eBusiness?, Travelocity, and Orbitz. I need help getting started and references.

Marketing Development Planning

1. Undertake an evaluation of the macro, micro, and internal environment, assessing your findings with a SWOT analysis. 2. Develop marketing objective from the results of this analysis and in line with your corporate goals. 3. Develop a range of options to meet these objectives, reviewing their relative feasibility. 4.

Brand Builder Companies

Gap Inc. is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences, and compelling marketing. Analyze this company from a marketing perspective a) MANAGEMENT AND OTHER RESOURCES. Does Gap Inc have adequate leadership and administrative capa

Discuss the relationship between eBusiness and fair trade.

Based on the Coles and Harris (2006) article below, discuss the relationship between eBusiness and fair trade. Article: ABSTRACT In this article we seek to investigate the claim that active consumer choice can influence societal transformation through study of the growth in the market for 'fair trade' goods in the UK, an

Just as your HR department is about to roll out its new HRIS, a comprehensive fully-integrated ERP system, your company has announced the acquisition of a European subsidiary.

Please help me so I can complete this assignment: Just as your HR department is about to roll out its , a comprehensive fully-integrated ERP system, your company has announced the acquisition of a European subsidiary. At lunch with a former colleague from the MSHRM program, you mention the acquisition and your hope that maybe t

Audio Duplication Services, Inc.

Audio Duplication Services, Inc. (ADS) Audio Duplication Services is a compact disc and cassette duplication and distribution company. Its major customers, the big record companies, use ADS to duplicate and distribute CDs and cassettes. ADS stores the master tapes and, when a customer requests it, makes a certain number of

Information about Designing a Website with a Focus on Target Markets

Your e-business plan won rave reviews not only from your brother but also from members of the business owner's group. Now they are approaching you to design plans for them. Any business will tailor its marketing, products, and services to its intended audience. For each of the following potential e-business clients, if you w

E-Commerce and Google's Strategy

Based on the Hardy et al. (2007) article, how would you define Google's strategy? Article Posted below: Bets are on that Google, which now brokers ads for US newspapers and radio stations, will soon do the same for TV spots. Could the "frienemy", as WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell labels it, threaten the future of media agencie

E-business strategic management for a pharmaceutical industry consulting company

Include the application of e-business strategic management for a consulting company (pharmaceutical Industry), how to leverage technology to enhance business processes, the unique characteristics of e-marketing, and how the legal, ethical, and regulatory environments act as a filter for conducting e-business Identify hardware

Anti-spam Legislation

Investigate anti-spam legislation on the state level. Visit and choose two states that have an anti-spam law. Prepare a short report comparing and contrasting the provisions of the two laws. Which of the two do you think would be more effective, and why. Then examine the state of anti-spa

Biggest security nightmare for online businesses

If you ran an eBusiness, what would your biggest security nightmare be? (and, as always, explain why) As a business owner, how would you prevent this nightmare from coming a reality? As a customer, what is your biggest security nightmare? (and, as always, explain why) As a customer, how would you prevent this nightmare from

The Reliability of E-Commerce

On the issue of reliability, please rate the following issues (critical, important, moderate importance, occasional importance, not important) and explain your rating. Also, rank (from 1-7) these items in order of importance, especially thinking about your own project/proposal. The use of a table would be helpful but not requir

Current marketing operations and the integration of e-business.

Please help with the following so I can complete the assignment: The company's products [MONITORS] have been sold through retail outlets. E-business has really blossomed and some of your competitors have begun selling their products on the Internet. Senior management wants you to assemble a presentation to evaluate the curren

Internet Business of BUG Inc.

BUG, Inc., a company based in Any State, U.S.A., designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devices. These devices are used by law enforcement agencies (police, FBI, etc.) to intercept and record sounds and voices. The equipment taps into telephone wires, cell phone transmissions, and picks up sounds and voices throug

Conversation of Medical Records From Paper to a Database

In order to provide quick and efficient access to patient records, many heath care authorities and organizations are discussing the conversion of medical records from paper to an integrated online database. However, making these records available in a database, and on networks or smart cards, may allow unauthorized people to vie

How to Handle Non-Payment

Explore ways to handle non-payment for products. How does handling this situation change if you provide a service? A physically delivered product/item versus an electronically delivered item? How do payment options alter these concerns?

Strategic Choices - McDonald's

I need assistance with the following report: McDonald's decided to re-define growth and rather than expand horizontally, decided to grow based on existing locations. I am required to perform a SWOT analysis at McDonald's, identify and analyze strategic choices they made at all levels (business, functional, corporate, global)

E-Commerce, Software Companies, and Open Source Solutions

What are two of the e-commerce software products available developed by software companies or individuals (including open source solutions)? Explain one package that you are familiar with either through work or research, covering its major capabilities: shopping cart with calculations and payment features, inventory management,

E-commerce Technology: Audio Visual and Internet Capabilities

Select a topic related to E-commerce technology that you want to learn more about. Find at least two web resources that give you some information on that topic. Post links to those sites and give summaries of those sites. Include some discussion as to why you chose this area and what more you would like to know.

Consider the five categories of primary revenue models.

Consider the five categories of primary revenue models. Using the Internet, find another uncommon (avoid well-known sites) e-commerce company that fits each category. Explain why the selected company fits the category in which you placed it. Prepare a table to summarize your research. 250 to 300 word with clear and direct re

E-Commerce and Opportunity for Success

Do you think that e-commerce provides an environment where both small and large businesses have an equal opportunity for success? Or, do you think that there are specific advantages afforded to large or small businesses that make it unequal? Explain why you think this. Tie it to theory in the text and recently authored articles

B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation

Topic: "BHP Billiton - Steel Division: B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation", a case study written by Caroline Chan (Reading 1). Discuss the following questions in light of the issues raised and conceptual frameworks developed during the first four topics of the unit. a) What is unique about BHP Billiton's situation

What Makes Something an e-Business?

Please help with the following problem. How would you define E-commerce? What makes something an e-Business? Do you think that all brick and mortar businesses must become click and mortar businesses to survive and thrive the rapidly changing Digital Age? Why or why not?