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    Dealing with Spam

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    About two years ago, SPAM had steadily increased on my work email account. It was so bad that our IT group set up a special email account for us to forward all SPAM directly to them. I was forwarding at least 10-20 SPAM emails a day to our IT group. About 6 months later, the SPAM stopped. I can only assume that our IT department was able to block these accounts by updating the firewall. We have roughly 500 management employees and a number of union employees that have lap-tops, are connected to the internet, and use email. That is a lot of SPAM for just one company. $50 billion annually to deal with SPAM for all companies does not surprise me. It really is a problem. I imagine the biggest concern is those SPAM emails that may contain adware/spyware. Explain

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    SPAM email can cause a lot of issues for a company. Not only is it annoying for the user but if the email contains a program that could potentially shut down a system or take private information, that could mean millions of dollars for a company and could also mean ...

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    Cost and problem of spam and corporations