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PIE analysis of the greeting card industry

Attached are reference material on the competitors. Determine the strength of each industry force in the current greeting card industry. Identify and explain which industry forces most significantly influence a firm's profitability. Include analysis of how competitors interact. Industry Overview During the past decade,

Poorly Designed Web Page

Critique on why URL: is representative of Mystery Meat Navigation. Cite specific examples from the site and discuss in light of Mystery Meat Navigation's specific points. Also discuss why is a poorly designed website regarding to: ? Consistency ? Accessibility ? Navigation ? Org

Explain E-marketing and B2C

B2C pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges between business/organization customers and individual consumer students/users (e.g., healthcare organizations and practical student learning, or government agencies and student financial aid, etc.)

E-Business and E-Commerce Trends

Identify one eBusiness trend and one eCommerce trend. a) For the first trend (eBusiness), use your place of business and describe the change, and/or impact this eBusiness trend has had in your business. b) For the second trend (eCommerce), think of your online interaction in areas such as shopping or banking, and describ

Analysis of Credit Card Safety

What are some of the major issues with online credit card safety and what are some of the new techniques credit card companies are implementing to ensure consumers are better protected from online credit card fraud? Do you see these measures as legal/ethical or both and Why?


Analysis of embedded microprocessors Take one of the following areas - home, cars, appliances, clothing, people (prevent kidnapping, track criminal, etc), consumer products - and investigate how embedded microprocessors like GPS or RFID are currently being used and will be used in the future to support consumer-centric servi

E-Business Question

Use the Thomas system ( ) to find two bills relating to e-business or the Internet. Discuss the proposed legislation and its impact on EB and how it might affect consumer trust when using an eBusiness Web site.

E-Business Help

EBIZNEWS?write a short summary of a current (within the last two months) news article about e-business or the Internet and include link to article.

Public Relations Campaign: Paper

In my paper I am trying to get a new franchise name "The Little Gym" over to Panama. I would like some examples of globalizations considerations that I need to take in considerations and a possible management plan or example, in case of any crisis ocurred.


Explain an eBusiness Infrastructure: Front end, Middleware, Backend. What is Front End? What is Middleware? What is Back end?What is Back end? Provide an example for each, Describe what they are used for and why it is important to understand an eBusiness infrastructure

Create Survey Questions and Analysis

2. Survey Questions Using a business problem confronting your organization (Acheloy Inc. - export- electronics - from US to EU ), prepare question surveys to collect primary data regarding your selected problem. 3. Survey Analysis Also, prepare an analysis of your survey. Determine if you have used the appropriate

Web Based Business

How would an organization prepare for the transition from doing its business process by hand (without the aid of automation), to implementing a web-based eBusiness solution to improve its business processes via an online process? Please include how an organization should prepare for this transition both internally within its own

Good way to measure an eCommerce business

ECommerce analysis measured their business by the number of hits they would receive from so called "customers" surfing to their web sites. Is this a good way to measure an eCommerce business? Please explain your answer.

Web Access

Who benefits most from Web access? Why? Please note: this is from a consumer and business perspective. Could it be that there is 2 schools of thought on this?

Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues for iTunes

What are any legal, ethical and regulatory issues that needs to take care of? How does Apple/iTunes handle issues regarding security, confidentiality, and international problems?

Consumer Behavior

How has e-business influenced consumer behavior? What consumer behavior research tools are available for organizations that utilize e-business technologies? How does the information obtained from these tools impact marketing strategies?

E-Business - Competing in the Internet

1. Describe the types of businesses that compete on the Internet (at least 2). Should the strategy for the types of businesses be the same? Why or Why not? 2. Describe in your own words what an e-Business considers when planning for the IT infrastructure. 3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of e-businesses. What sh

What are major forms of computer crime?

What are major forms of computer crime? What are some of the current ways that police and other officials are using to track the criminals and enforce the laws? To what kinds of crime could AllTechComm be susceptible? What kinds of things should we do to protect ourselves? Analyze privacy issues, computer-based crime,

Fundamentals of Business Law & Electronic Contracting

E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, propelling business further into the information age with each passing day. People just like you and me clicked our mouse and purchased approximately $10 billion in merchandise during 1999. The U. S. Department of Commerce forecasts Internet retailing will exceed $50 billion within the

Optimal Capital Structure at

Devise the optimal capital structure for in light of current, business, economic, and industry trends. Estimate the firm's cost of capital, price per share, and market value based on its optimal capital structure that you have devised.

Marketing: Customer Acquisition, Retention and Satisfaction Questions

1. How can one best use the Internet to improve their organization's customer acquisition and retention initiatives? 2. How can the Internet contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction (and thereby influencing customer loyalty) for an organization that delivers the majority of its customer experience in an online environ

Global Mergers & E-Commerce

Why are there an increasing number of mergers with companies in different industries? Give some examples. What industries do you think will be the next for global consolidation? What factors should an internet business take into consideration when developing a global strategy? What can be 'global' content and what must be '

Time Warner Customers

Describe Time Warner cable's current customers by as many measurable demographic factors as possible (age, gender, income, family size, geographic location). Why do they buy from you (consider lifestyle, needs, and attitudes)? By comparison, who is your ideal customer? Based on this information, how should you segment your custo Analysis

Explain's management philosophy, revenues, profits streams, and expenses over the last five years. Evaluate the organization's strategic plan and its implementation over the last five years in terms of achieving its stated objectives....... If there are weaknesses, what factors explain them and what remedies woul

Sweet Treats - Differentiation

Question: What core competencies make your company/organization unique or different from other companies/organizations?

Sweet Treats - Target Market

Please refer to the Grand Ma Sweet Treats Scenario. Share who your target market is for your business. Use one of the common segmentation methods. Where is the location of your business? What will your promotional plan look like? Also, what will you do to promote your product? How will you increase public relations?