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KLF Electronics KLF

1. KLF Electronics is an American manufacturer of electronic equipment. The company has a single manufacturing facility in San Jose California. (20 points) KLF Electronics distributes its products through five regional warehouses located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. In the current distribution system

Case study analysis of Case 1-1: G.W. Pergault, Inc

Please help; I have attached the case study. Please provide with APA references, citations if any... Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word case study analysis of Case 1-1, G.W. Pergault, Inc., located at the end of Chapter One in the Management of a Sales Force text. Based on this analysis, explain how technology can enhance an organiza

E-business, intellectual property, jurisdiction issues

Please provide answer for the following scenario: You are starting a corporation that sells pet treadmills. Initial market research shows a potential for high demand in affluent areas and cities with severe weather. You also foresee a lucrative international market, which you can tap through a web site on the Internet. You pl

Over Surveying the Consumer

How can an e-commerce organization use surveying to monitor customer satisfaction? What are the issues with over-surveying? APA format Include citations and references to support your offering. Wikipedia is not accepted as a valid resource.

Macromarketing Perspectives Strategies

From a macromarketing perspective, discuss some of the negative consequences of the internet and e-marketing on the global society and suggest appropriate strategies to best deal with them.

Universal Music: Supply chain and marketing elements in e-business

Research the supply chain and marketing elements for Universal Music (www.universalmusic.com) The paper would include the information on the supply chain and marketing elements. At the end of the paper, the following would be addressed: Addresses how e-Business supply chain and marketing differs from traditional brick and

Frequent Shopper Program

Prepare a paper 3 - 5 pages (1050 to 1750 words) describing the potential electronic commerce aspects related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program. You will include the legal, ethical and security considerations for the development of this program. Additionally, provide a description of the financ

E-commerce organizations

Discuss the main challenges that e-commerce organizations face in the customer services and customer satisfaction arena. What has been your experience in dealing with these programs? Be sure to cite and reference material to support your ideas.


YOU ARE REQUIRED TO INVESTIGATE AND EVALUATE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING. 1} Customer relationship management. 2} E-Business payment systems. THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE BETWEEN 3,000 AND 5,000 WORDS. {APPROXIMATELY}. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA  Evidence of research techniques carried.  Analysis a

Kudler Fine Foods: describe an information system critical to business processes

Prepare a paper based on one of the following Virtual Organizations: ? Kudler Fine Foods For the selected Virtual Organization, describe an information system that is critical to the business processes of the organization. Included in your description, describe how this information system has an impact on the organizational

Various marketing topics

True/False 1. All consumer behavior research tools available to e-businesses are available to traditional businesses. True False 2. Everyone is a member of at least one reference group. True False 3. Psychographics are internal influences on consumer behavior. True False 4. Organizational buying decisions are

E-Business Model: Identify differences in B2B, B2C, C2C, e-government models

See attachment for full details. Prepare a paper that assesses different organizations' specific e-business model. Choose at least three categories from this list: B2B (e.g., Intel), B2C (e.g., Amazon), C2C (e.g., eBay), e-Government (e.g., IRS.gov, ARMY), Nonprofit (e.g., United Way), or an organization in the Web 2.0 space

E-Commerce Media Forms

What new communications techniques for customers and the media are available uniquely in the e-commerce world?

The financial statements of Amazon.com

The incredible growth of Amazon.com has put fear into the hearts of traditional retailers. Amazon.com's stock price has soared to amazing levels. However, it is often pointed out in the financial press that the company has never reported a profit for the year. The following financial information is taken from the 2001 financial

Human-Factors/Technology Problem

Below is the assignment posted by my instructor. I do not work at the moment but I have been using the banking industry as most of my topics since that is where my work experience lies. If references are used I need to be able to quote them so I will need the references. Based on other readings, or personal experience, p

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Paper

I need help to get start with Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Paper. Select an existing product (IPOD) from an existing organization. 416 word count. The product selected is IPOD -Examine the impact of purchasing trends on consumer behavior (e.g. globalization, cultural changes, and technology) -How these tre