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    Developing an e-business

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    Your best friend owns a small childrens' clothing store located in the downtown area of a community of 50,000 citizens. Business has been slow the past year due the construction of several new strip malls and a new Wal-Mart store (increased competition).

    She discovered you were taking an online marketing class, asked you for your advice for ideas that would increase her sales (She owns her present building and will not relocate her business, even though the downtown area is losing stores to the new strip malls). What would you tell her?

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    If she will not relocate, how about offering her products to a wider range of customers? She should consider building a website to sell the children's clothes, in addition to maintaining her brick-and mortar store.

    Why would this work?

    - She owns her building, which means that she does not have to worry about paying to store product (clothing) in a warehouse
    - She needs ...

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    This posting examines a real world case where a business owner wants to start up an online division of her brick and mortar store. The postings gives advice on how she may proceed in starting the e-business.