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E-Commerce: Emerging Technology

In your opinion what would be a good emerging technology or service not currently or readily in use in banking industry. (Perhaps something like smart cards replacing paper or atm use, or any other idea, etc.) Discuss what the technology is and how it works, benefits it will provide, and any potential negative aspects of the tec


1) Find a defamation case (preferably one that has been decided) and write a brief summary detailing how the five criteria were applied to determine defamation. To prove defamation, a plaintiff must meet FIVE requirements: 1) The statement must have been published, spoken or broadcast. 2) there must be identification of t

Windows Accessibility Wizard

Create a set of accessibility options for yourself using Windows Accessibility Wizard and save them to a floppy disk. Use these new settings for half an hour and describe how they affect your computer usage. Write a short, one-page paper describing your experience.

EBusiness Question

Discuss the differences among internets, intranets, and extranets and give examples how each one works and its purpose.

CPA Vision Memo

Review the information on the CPA Vision project provided at the AICPA's Web site,, and at Prepare a informational memo on the importance of aligning AIS with organizational goals, and critique the accounting uses of the Internet and Intranets. Your informational m

XML Technology

Need help finding the information on the following problems: Find two examples of XML technology being used by corporations today. Can you explain the advantages gained from using XML? How could those solutions improve their business processes? How could the solution grow in the future? Write a short explanation of each


Inter Comp. a computer seller, had been using their website only as a static marketing tool displaying product and company details. Now they have decided to sell PCs and printer on the website. They have decided to get it done using ASP technology. Prepare a document outlining how ASP can be used to put in an online shopping

Management Information Systems

1. To solve unstructured business problems you must: a. understand how the business operates b. learn to ask the right questions c. identify the root cause of the problem d. all the above 2. The purpose of a __________ model is to describe how the individual processes interact with each other. a. sequence b. collaborat

Payment Mechanisms and associated costs

1. On the basis of the cost figures, create a spreadsheet and compare the estimated annual costs for the various online payment mechanisms for three hypothetical companies. The first company sells digital content for about $20 each and anticipates about 5,000 sales per year. The second company sells music for $0.75 per song, but

E-Business Website Comparison

Go the the websites of two companies in the same industry. Compare the benefits and resources for each company. Are the similar? What has each company doe to distinguish itself from its competitors? Which company do you think will ultimately win in the industry? Why?

How does the external environment affect e-business?

You have examined several different aspects of your start-up business. Identify what forces in the external environment (competition, political/legal, economic, social/cultural, and technological) would you believe to have the greatest potential impact on your success? Why? Small Business is a special occasion gift basket sto Crash and the Future of E-Business

Did the Year 2000 "" crash on Wall Street and in countless technology companies signal the slowdown of e-Business or the opposite? Given the current trends where is the future of e-business heading?


E-Commerce companies face a number of issues when dealing with various payment systems. VISA has a program called the CISP program that is a standardized audit of all systems for companies that handle on line transaction processes. However, as in the case of choice point these standards did not work the way that they were intend

Online professor's response to: E-commerce

Overview of Question: Please give comprehensive responses. Resources: Provide information that supports your answer. Show where information came from. Give a Real World Example: Give examples that complement your question responses using personal, work experiences, or something you read or heard in the media. All the e

Multinational Companies

I need some information, help structuring and ideas to get started on the paper. Thank you. You want to begin your research by looking at a number of multinational companies that have operations in China or who have plans to expand their operations there. Use the Library, phase resources, and Internet sources to researc

Orbitz Internet Site

Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that must address. Describe how the site handles security, confidentiality, and international issues. Discuss the impact of legal, regulatory, or ethics issues. Discuss how the protection [or lack thereof] of intellectual property could impact overall business goal


1. Why do we have E-Government? 2. In general what are the benefits to e-learning and other asynchronous modes of learning have over traditional learning models? 3. What are the models of P2P Applications 4. What are the barriers to M-Commerce


Dell and Cisco represent a supplier-oriented market place. Explain how Dell and Cisco represent a supplier oriented market place and their impact on how companies shop for computer and network gear.

E-commerce Questions

Questions: 1. What are the basic types of B2B and B2C market places? 2. What is the difference between sell side and buyer side market places? 3. What are infrastructure, integration and software agents in B2B commerce? 4. What are the classifications of B2B electronic exchanges? 5. What are the integration i

How eBay Revolutionized the Auction Business

How eBay Revolutionized the Auction Business In the 1990s, many entrepreneurs attempted to use new information technologies and particularly the Internet to provide new or improved services to customers. Their goal was to use the potential of the new technology to find ways to obtain a competitive advantage over existing fir

E-Commerce costs, proposals and breakdowns

This should pertain to almost any online e-business start up. Most every e-business experiences the same sort of costs etc. With the 4 questions below, use just about any online business as a template for costs such as, "The Sharper Image" as an example. Cost Proposal Project Cost Total Project Cost Breakdown of Project Co

E-Commerce site plan structure

This should mirror any sort on online e-business start up such as "The Sharper Image" online store. Populate A-F as much as possible with like planning of most any other online business. Appendix: List of Tables and Charts Appendix A: Process Flow Appendix B: Gantt Schedule Chart Appendix C: Corporate Organization Chart A