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Consider the five categories of primary revenue models.

Consider the five categories of primary revenue models. Using the Internet, find another uncommon (avoid well-known sites) e-commerce company that fits each category. Explain why the selected company fits the category in which you placed it. Prepare a table to summarize your research. 250 to 300 word with clear and direct re

Technology Trends

Why is it important to keep abreast of technology trends when running an ebusiness?

E-Commerce and Opportunity for Success

Do you think that e-commerce provides an environment where both small and large businesses have an equal opportunity for success? Or, do you think that there are specific advantages afforded to large or small businesses that make it unequal? Explain why you think this. Tie it to theory in the text and recently authored articles

B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation

Topic: "BHP Billiton - Steel Division: B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation", a case study written by Caroline Chan (Reading 1). Discuss the following questions in light of the issues raised and conceptual frameworks developed during the first four topics of the unit. a) What is unique about BHP Billiton's situation

What Makes Something an e-Business?

Please help with the following problem. How would you define E-commerce? What makes something an e-Business? Do you think that all brick and mortar businesses must become click and mortar businesses to survive and thrive the rapidly changing Digital Age? Why or why not?

E-Commerce at Amazon.com

Amazon started as an e-commerce book site and has now added music, toys, electronics, software and clothes to its list of product offerings. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling books and goods over the internet? 2. If books can be downloaded online, how will Amazon's business change? 3. What do traditio

Legal Issues in E-Business

Identify issues that may arise in the company's international business and discuss conflicts of law that pertains to those issues.

Bill Gates: Environmental Scanning and Benchmarking

Imagine that you are Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and that you are constantly engaged in environmental scanning as part of the planning process. Explain briefly how you would go about doing it. Can you keep track of all aspects of the environment? If not what aspects will you focus on and why? How might Bill Gates use b

Commerce Clause..

Could someone please explain to me how the Commerce Clause affects American business?

Paper to E-Commerce

What must an organization (company) do to transform its business strategy when they decide to transform itself into an E-commerce company.

Consumer Products Inc.: Opportunities to Expand in USA

Consumer Products Inc. (CPI) is a U.S. regional consumer products company located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company manufactures and distributes a small line of consumer products to retailers in major western cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix. The company has an excellent reputation as a

Discussing the Importance of Benchmarking

Explain why benchmarking is an important activity in the analysis of e-Business Web sites. Discuss specific commercially available tools for measuring the effectiveness of content as well as the ease of use in accessing the content. properly reference at least four (4) academic sources.

Regulatory Issues with E-Business

I have to write two pages for a mock assignment describing the regulatory issues that websites must address if I were establishing my own website. I have no clue where to begin to look up regulatory issues for websites and I really don't fully understand where to go for help.

Help with finding a music website and evaluating it.

Describes how the "look and feel" differs for one Web sites for the music industry. Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of the Web site. The paper should describe at least 2 key aspects that make up a good Web site. The paper also needs to reference a minimum of 1 academic sources.

Environmental and Economic Analysis on Hewlett-Packard Company

I need some help. I need to complete an environmental and economic analysis on Hewlett-Packard Company, including the remote, industry, and operating environments.The paper should identify any major changes that you expect to affect Hewlett-Packard in the next 5-10 years. This will include the following subcomponents: a.Utilize

Select an industry that has a B2B or B2C presence on the Internet

Select an industry that has a B2B or B2C presence on the Internet. Using a SWOT analysis explain the issues of a new company wanting to enter this same market. Use specific examples for comparison and provide as many details in the SWOT as possible. I needs as much details as possible. Thanks.

Dysfunctional Aspects of the New Economy with E-business

A) List three (3) "dysfunctional" aspects of the "New Economy" promoted by e-business. Why are these aspects dysfunctional? Identify any legal, ethical, or regulatory and social issues that might negatively impact people, organizations and/or society. Discuss. b) Relate this to a company that you are familiar with. Discuss h

IT Infrastructure, Website Promotional Techniques and '508 Compliancy'

A) Three (3) important properties in building a "good" eBusiness IT Infrastructure are Availability, Reliability, and Scalability. How would you describe these and why are they important? b) Relate this to a well-known company that you are familiar with. Discuss Availability, Reliabiltiy and Scalability on your company