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E-commerce Technology: Audio Visual and Internet Capabilities

Select a topic related to E-commerce technology that you want to learn more about. Find at least two web resources that give you some information on that topic. Post links to those sites and give summaries of those sites. Include some discussion as to why you chose this area and what more you would like to know.

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I have taken the topic of advancing audio visual and internet capabilities to meet the needs of today's customers.

Advancement of technology

Over the past few years, developments in Internet and on-line technology have increased with the deployment of broadband and wireless communication networks and the affordability of desktop and laptop computers. As a result, businesses and individuals around the world have harnessed these new technologies to create business-to-consumer business-to-business, consumer to consumer and the other e-commerce market places. In doing so, there has been a fundamental paradigm shift not only in how business and commerce is conducted but also in our lifestyle. The future of the organization relies on its ability to ...

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This solution discusses the topic of advancing audio visual and internet capabilities for e-commerce.