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Conversation of Medical Records From Paper to a Database

In order to provide quick and efficient access to patient records, many heath care authorities and organizations are discussing the conversion of medical records from paper to an integrated online database. However, making these records available in a database, and on networks or smart cards, may allow unauthorized people to view private data. Protecting privacy completely may cost too much money. It may also make authorized access to information slow or too difficult. What policies and measures could health care administrators use to ensure security of the system and applications and privacy of patients' information and records? Discuss.

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Digitisation is the word of today - people are moving from piles of paper based record which needed huge cabinets to stock the files to computer storage with chips now, because the data can be stored more durably and accessed more readily in this way. However, the major challenge that comes in this process of digitisation is the cost of conversion, and besides, the most paramount issue is that of privacy. Data stored on chips or smart cards can be easily hacked into and thus ...

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This is a discussion on the security in transforming medical records from paper into an integrated online database.