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E-Business: The Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)

The Sarbanes Oxley Act (Sox) came about as a result of corporate scandals such as Enron and Worldcom. Critics say that it is burdensome for most medium sized business. Others say that it is working. All one has to do is pick up the Wall Street Journal on any given day and find irregularities: From Coca-Cola, to Tyson Chicke

E-Business Situation

WU has re-invented itself once more. This time over the past 20 years the corporation serves as a bank for people without bank accounts by transferring money around the world at the tune of $20 billion/year. WU has grown exponentially over the last few years, especially internationally. The bulk of the transfers consist of sm

Regulatory Issues and Regulatory Laws?

What are three different practices used by organizations outside of the cosmetic industry that address regulatory issues? Can you explain to me how regulatory laws affect organizational choices?

Example of what is "brick and mortar"

I need to help to answer the following questions: 1. I need to analyze the supply chain of 2. How can I analyze the supply chain for the businesses ( in a "brick and mortar" environment? 3. Explain how the supply chain was modified from "brick and mortar" by the web site. Can you give me an

Supply chain

Research and describe an internet related supply chain. Provide and discuss examples from two companies on the web or using the web as a process of information technology. Aspects include logistics, production, distribution of products or services, disintermediation/re-intermediation of each of the companies suppliers or new s

Marketing b2b, b2c

Explain how marketing differs on a biz to consumer site compared to a biz to biz site. What is a real world site that illustrates this? Can you, suggest improvement to that site's marketing tools? Also, in this analyisis what are the trends for biz to consumer and biz to biz marketing?


Please answer the following completely: 1. Although B2B is by far the largest e-commerce category, B2C is more widely known. Why? 2. In your opinion, do B2B applications violate the federal government's antitrust laws? Please explain.

Basic purpose of business

What is the basic purpose of business and how does operations management relate to that? Also, what are some examples of processes in an e-business, a technology organization, a health care organization, or a global organization?

Technology Trends in e-Business

My goal is to understand different technology trends in e-business - would like information and references to do additional research.

Dot-coms, failures, e-business

What are the myths that drove so many bright people to launch a dot-com business? Given the failures of so many dot-coms, why is it still useful to study eBusiness?

Online Marketing

Questions 1.If Peter Braithwaite could rewind the clock back to 1997 when the company's first Web site was established, what actions should he have taken differently? 2.Does the Good Book Guide have a future, in the face of competition from Amazon and other on-line booksellers? 3.If so, what should John Braithwaite's ma

Marketing Differences in B2B and B2C Businesses

Explain how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Give specifics. I am trying to understand the relationship of marketing to business to customer and business to business at it relates to web sites. Is the marketing different in this aspect? If so how and why? Thanks.

Online Marketing-The Arrival of the digital age

-THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION -GOVERNMENT AND THE INFORMATION SOCIETY -BUSINESS AND e-COMMERCE -THE IMPLICATIONS FOR BUSINESS Questions 1a. How can countries like Ireland differentiate themselves as a hub for e-Commerce? b. What additional steps should The Minister of Public Enterprise in Ireland take to ensure that the 'C

E-Business IT infrastructure

This discuses the scalability of an e-Business IT infrastructure, internet-based technologies to automate the supply chain, strategic opportunities for e-Commerce enabled supply chains.


2) The marketing manager for a manufacture of specialty watches designed for runners. ask - Would you sell these items through retail stores or would you try to direct marketing * either alone or in combination with retail distribution) ? Why? 3) Many contend that interactive electornic media will revolutionize consumer buy


Andrea Jung is the CEO for Avon Products Inc. What can she do to accelerate the transformation of Avon into a leading company? What strategic plans can be used to accelerate growth?

EBusiness- Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

Please provide supporting documentation. I am willing to increase my bid if I have undervalued the effort to assist me with these questions. I am hoping for a thorough analysis to these questions. Thank you in advance. What, if any, are the dysfunctional aspects of the "New Economy" promoted by e-Business? Identify any l

Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

Explain how ethical issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Please give some specifics and cite your references. Explain how legal issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Please give some specifics and cite your references. Explain how regulatory issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. P

Optimize the Supply Chain

Select a minimum of two industries (or specific companies) and identify how reselling, selling via outlet, salvaging, reconditioning, refurbishing, and remanufacturing can help that company optimize its reverse logistics supply chain. Explain the relationship between optimization of the reverse logistics channel and the over

Retailers, age distribution, trends, lifestyles

2) What types of retailers would be most affected by changes in the age distribution of the populations? 6) Should retailers care about a changing trend suchas the delay or even postponement of marriage by modern Americans? After all how does an increase in the averag age of a first marriage affect women's apparel retailing

Uniform Commercial Code and Interstate Commerce

Please help me to answer the following: 1. The Uniform Commercial Code is an example of what type of law? a. Statutory law. b. Treaty. c. Administrative law. d. Judicial law. e. Executive order. 2. What is the result of the "effects on interstate commerce" test? a. The federal government can regulate all intersta


Select an organization engaged in e-business that started as a traditional business. 1. Explain how e-business has affected your selected organization's business processes. 2. Analyze the advantages, limitations, and risks of using the internet for business activities.

Ecommerce related questions

1. What are the advantages and possible problems with E-Commerce and what measures could be taken to overcome these problems? 2. As a manager of computer based information systems, what measures could one take to ensure the integrity of the corporate data? 3. Explain the rules for a successful online business transaction