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    Explain E-marketing and B2C

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    B2C pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges between business/organization customers and individual consumer students/users (e.g., healthcare organizations and practical student learning, or government agencies and student financial aid, etc.)

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    E- Marketing
    This issue is related to impact of E-commerce and its implication on banking and financial services. Gartner Group has defined it as "electronic communication and business among enterprises, including customers, suppliers, business partners, government organizations, and financial institutions."

    Business to consumer
    In this segment, we have the businesses that directly sell to end customers. Typically, the per customer volume of transaction is low but the number of customers serviced is large. To draw a large number of customers these sites need to do a lot of advertising, both on and off the net and are thus much more visible than other segments.

    Strategies for B2C

    Competing on the Internet is different from competing in the traditional industrial world. Competition no longer takes place in the physical marketplace but in the market-space. In a typical B2C flow of information between business and consumer typically is through the medium of Internet (Refer Figure 1). This flow includes product orders/service requests from customers, product information, specifications, providing of services OR GOODS by Business etc. In addition, it may also include, flow of tangibles (e.g. goods ordered from customer, documents transfers between business and customer etc.)


    Online Stores
    Let us take an example of online store like amazon.com. It may be done either to promote the company and its products and services or to actually sell the products/services through this virtual store. One of the best examples of an e-store is Amazon.com, which started selling books online and gradually extended to other product categories.

    Amazon.com is amazing online super mart selling numerous items including book for which it is famous for. Now it is one of the world's leading online retailers with over 17 million customer accounts in over 150 countries. The company sells books, music, DVDs, videos, toys, electronics software, video games, home improvement products amongst others. Through its marketplace services- amazon.com auctions, zshops etc. the company has created web-based marketplaces where buyers and sellers enter into transactions involving a wide range of products.
    Amazon has efficiently used the partnership, alliances and affiliation programs to develop its business model. It used this to supplement its own product lines (Discussed in the other business models). Amazon's platform and complete bouquet of services is made available to sellers to offer additional goods and services and Amazon earns the fees in return (" Syndicated stores program"). It has got partnership with many such organizations, for example, in the UK, Waterstones (www.waterstones.co.uk) is one of the largest traditional bookstores. It found competition with online so expensive and challenging, that ...

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