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    Usability Test

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    Directions are attached in document entitled "Directions". Please use http://psychology.wichita.edu/surl/usabilitynews/72/children_internet.htm, documents entitled "a" and "b" as references for help and guidance. Please follow directions on report and Thank you hide problem

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    Usability Test Results


    Website Tested: http://www.archiecomics.com/ [1]

    For this test, the user was a 10 year old kid, son of one of my colleagues. He was quite interested in comics and I thought that he would be the ideal choice as he did have a lot of interest, and after getting his parents' approval, the test was carried out at his home. He was already hooked on to internet and was quite familiar with browsing.

    As per the guidelines of usability test, the user in this case the boy was informed that it was the site which was being tested and not his ability to browse or use internet. That made him quite comfortable as well as his natural interest towards comic books only added to his interest.

    In order to carry out the structured tests, the user was asked to find and play some games on the site.

    My colleague had a recently purchased computer at home, with a broadband connection. However, in separate testing with different browsers and dial up connection, there were no major problems, and the site worked as well, although the images were a bit slow to download in case of dial up connection.

    Unstructured Tests

    This site was basically a fun site, with the intention of providing more information to kids about the comics and also at the same time advertising the company products as well as providing entertainment to the kids.

    However, I did find a contradiction to Jakob Nielsen's research (Useit.com, 1997). Perhaps this was a one off case ...

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