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    E-Business and E-Commerce Trends

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    Identify one eBusiness trend and one eCommerce trend.

    a) For the first trend (eBusiness), use your place of business and describe the change, and/or impact this eBusiness trend has had in your business.

    b) For the second trend (eCommerce), think of your online interaction in areas such as shopping or banking, and describe the change, and/or impact this eCommerce trend has had in your life.

    Please provide references. Thanks.

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    a) One eBusiness trend which has changed the way my business works is Alternative Advertising. My business mainly deals with distribution of soft drinks as well as beverages of major multinational companies.

    Alternative advertising is growing in importance mainly due to the increasing use of internet and reducing digital divide. Apart from that there has been a drop in the means of advertising which were primarily electronic and news papers. There has been a paradigm shift in the way marketing is being visualised. Marketers are figuring out how to incorporate the Internet into word-of-mouth marketing, including he use of blogs (Smallbiztrends.com, 2005).

    There are many advantages of alternative advertising. Firstly, it has a global reach, although electronic media also has a wide reach, ...

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    This solution describes in brief one e-business and one e-commerce trend and describes the impact of these trends on business as well as daily life.