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Brick and Mortar

Could you please explain how the supply chain would be modified from brick and mortar of such a company as Budweiser. Please provide some examples and please fully explain so that I will know what you are talking about.

Marketing-EBusiness Successes

The internet for personal and business use is growing with popularity and intesity. Some companies which have attempted the transition have failed while others have had great success. However, to compete in today's tumultuous marketplace companies need to reach/touch all forms of customers and this includes those convenience d

IT Security in Infrastructure

What are some of the problems related to IT security, infrastructure, and language that are encountered by companies expanding globally?

What is Web 2.0?

Explain and give 5 examples on how it can help a small business - such as a local free publication magazine.

Customer Behavior & Risk Perception

When consumers decide to purchase or not to purchase, decide which product to use, decide which store to frequent, etc., very often consumers face perceptions of "risk" associated with the decision alternatives. As you have read (in your book and in my notes on Perception), there are 6 types of perceived risks: physical risk,

E-Business/ Ford ( Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory)

Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues of Ford. Describe how Ford's Web site handles security, confidentiality, and International issues. In addition - Please provide a Power Point presentation w/ explanation to each slide as well.

E-Business/Ford - Marketing Tools

Describe the marketing tools used in each of the three Web sites. Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each of the three Web sites. But the main focus will be FORD ... I am comparing Ford to CarMax and CarDirect - But this should focus on Ford ...

Global marketing challenges

What unique challenges does a global marketer face in setting a price and managing prices versus a company that markets only nationally? What are the pricing advantages of an e-business over the more traditional brick and mortar companies? Explain the role of packaging in terms of perception. What are some of the

Supply Chain in a "Brick and Mortar"' Environment

What is the supply chain for the business area of Ford in a "brick and mortar" environment. How can the supply chain be modified from the "brick and mortar" by three websites: Ford, Carmax, Cars direct.

Marketing Tools for Barnes and Noble

Can you help me describe the marketing tools used in Barnes and Noble Web site. Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by Barnes and Noble. Also, please provide references.

Improving computer applications

I need new versions incorporating improvements from the original versions that are in the files below. Next, the new versions must be credible where a Joint Application Development Committee will be sold. See attached file for full problem description. CIS570LT#1 E-Commerce Site Analysis Kimberly Houzz CIS 570 Bruce C & Privacy

How does the travel website handle security, confidentiality, and International issues?

The Card Company Industry

See Attachment Question: What's happening in the greeting card industry overall. Identify trends that may affect (S) profitability. And then comment on how these trends affect the sustainability of (S) cards competitive advantages and the strength of (S) card industry position.

Academic Approach to E-Business

Please answer the following: 1. Based on your understanding of the importance of the internet, do you think that McDonalds should use the Internet in its selling process? Should Ford Motors? Disney? - And why? Can you provide some related examples? 2. What makes an online business a successful e-business? There are many fac

How is the value of a company judged?

Please provide information on the following topic, and include personal opinion as well: Prepare a 2-3 page paper explaining the following: How is the value of a company judged? What criteria is used to determine if the use of technology is successful? Include personal opinions as well. Thank you.


I need help with a project that I have to select three related eBusiness Web sites and analyze the sites in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing and legal ethical regulatory issues. I selected books (Barners & Nobles) I have to find three different web sites for Barnes & Nobles and describe how the "look and feel

Develope a PPT presentation e-business strategy for Grandma's Treats.

Details: Develop an e-business strategy for Grandma's Treats. Group Portion: As a group, come to consensus on which products and services you want to advertise and sell on the Grandma's Treats website, and your overall marketing approach. Use the Small Group Discussion Board. Individual Portion: Assign the following portion

Brick and Mortar & eBusiness Marketing

1. What are the similarities between "brick and mortar" and eBusiness marketing? 2. What are the differences between "brick and mortar" and eBusiness marketing? 3. Why do some people say portal Web sites are very similar to television channels?

Brokerage Model for Websites

The "brokerage model" is one of the eight models that are used for designing web sites. I need research on the "brokerage model". Also an analysis on what is trying to be achieved by using the model as with Does the "brokerage model" work or not with these websites. Does these particular websites employ other mod An E-Commerce Retailer

I have been producing "Strategic Audit" for the I am having a little trouble about to implementaion process and evaluation and control. I am looking to get some help understanding the correct reseach for the project to have a clear understanding. I looking for Clairification on : 1. implementation 2. Evaluatio


Subject: HIPAA PAPER Details: Research and identify the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 1. Who does this Act apply to? 2. What does this Act require? 3. Identify an e-business that is affected by this Act. 4. How should an e-business that is affected by this Act apply th

E-Commerce Sites Discussion

Briefly discuss the following websites: Questions: 1. What type of site is this? 2. What are some good points of the site? 3. What are some negatives about this site? 4. What makes this site "Sticky"? 5. How would you improve th

Discussion question

Briefly discuss the following statement in your own words: No organization is immune to the contact and presence of the Internet and the technology that surrounds it. Those organizations that are successful going forward will be those who manage to balance their strategy in all of its areas; those organizations that are very