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Ebusiness and managerial decision making

- The impact of e-business technologies on effective managerial decision making. - The evolving role of ethics and corporate responsibility in the management of organizational change and transition. - The influence of global competition and culture on managerial decisions in changing environments. I'

E-Business Project Plan

You have decided develop an eCommerce site while still working your 'day job' in the hopes that you will one day be able to derive all of your income from your eCommerce site. In 500 - 600 words how you would you go about doing this; what factors would you have to take into consideration, what kind of product or service would

Web design to accommodate disability

The key to designing a successful Web site is that everyone should be able to use it. The users of your Web site may be blind or people with disabilities. 1) Discuss any 3 things that you can do to make sure that your Web pages meet the needs of the users who are blind or with other disabilities. 2) Visit the Internet and

Assessing Service Issues

Assess the service issues present in Going, Inc.'s low statistical rate of on-time service and propose quality and control measures for improvement. Use the following information for your assessment. Service Division Mission Statement: Become the most successful provider of airline transport for the business traveler. M

Creating a Navigation Structure

Create a navigation structure for the Web site of an organization, which imparts information on Project Management. The Web site includes information on: Organization History Organization Mission and Vision Project Management News and Events Global Project Management Communities Professional Development Programs Publica

Social Presence Theory, Ecommerce Promotions

Suggest ways that business can use the Social Presence Theory to promote more effective communications with customers through marketing. Discuss two web-based promotional techniques. Provide advantages and disadvantages of using each. How has the advent of the Internet created opportunities for marketing?

E-Commerce/Knowledge Management

1. What were the main forces that led to the commercialization of the Internet? Also, why is scalability important in building an eBusiness IT infrastructure? 2. Define "knowledge management". In one paragraph, describe 3 advantages that a management consulting firm could gain over its competitors by creating an internal kno


What are the notable similarities among e-businesses that have failed? In those that are succeeding?

A business plan for an online furniture e-commerce industry and contains

This is a group project and I have to do the following as part of a business plan for an online furniture e-commerce industry done in word and must contain: Processes: Flow chart or bulleted list of user experience with shopping cart, wish list, sales and returns, bidding, search, shipping, and tracking.

Getting Started on Web Development

Can you help me get started with this project? You will have to choose and implement a method for requirements gathering that will target the user population of their personal Web site. The method of requirements gathering that you choose should be determined by the following: 1) What type of information do you want to co


What products or services are best marketed online? Rationalize your answer; i.e. why are these products or services best suited to an online medium.

E commerce

1. Describe three (3) factors that would cause a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce 2. Choose one (1) major difference between the first wave and the second wave of electronic commerce. Also, what transaction costs and why are they important?

Defining Target User Population

Research the Internet on the importance of defining user population for a Web site. 1) Based on your research, state any THREE criteria that you will consider while defining the target user population of your Web site. 2) Explain why and how you will use these criteria as you define, create, and deploy your own personal w

E-Commerce Technology System Design

Web site development projects can be considered similar to any other traditional project. a) State whether you agree with this statement. b) Justify your response by providing specific reasons and appropriate references from the website. c) Discuss any THREE specific project management techniques that can be used to ma

e-Commerce infrastructure

Protecting US Critical Infrastructure: It's true. The moment you connect a new E-commerce system to the Internet, you either worsen or improve the international critical infrastructure -- the choice is yours. How are you going to do your part in protecting critical infrastructures? Will you do your part???

Describe their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Name 2 eBusiness organizations that you feel have a competitive advantage. Describe their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Explain why they have a competitive advantage and explain if you think they will be able to sustain this competitiveness? What could other eBusiness organizations learn from the companie

E-Business Second Wave

According to many analysts the 'Internet bust' meant the end of the Internet. Today we are seeing what some describe as the second wave. In your opinion why is this second wave occurring? Please include references.


Identify the legal, ethical and regulatory issues faced by healthcare providers on their eCommerce sites.

Marketing Techniques

Select a public accessible eCommerce site, identify the Marketing techniques used to promote product/service, how do they segment their customers, what recommendations would you make to improve their marketing impact?

Analyze supply chain of 3 eBusiness websites

Analyze 3 eBusiness websites:,, in terms of spply chain. Make sure that you describe the Supply Chain for selling books the old fashioned way. Draft 3- 4-pages that describe the supply chain for selling books on the worldwide web versus in a "brick and mortar" e

E-Business Functionss

My organization has determined that its e-Business functions are not "cutting edge" and, thus, the organization is losing its competitive edge. The organization's business development department has done some preliminary market and competitive intelligence research and identified the following business projects that should be in

Generic Supply Chain

Describe the generic supply chain, also explain how the supply chain is modified from "brick and mortar" by ebusiness (websites).

Metrics for e-business website

I have a general idea on how to answer this DQ thanks to BrainMass, but I need examples of metrics that I can use to measure things such as, how many visitors you had to the site, how many were unique visitors, how many have been to the site before etc. Here's the question I'm trying to answer. Your boss who is the VP of E-B