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Information about Designing a Website with a Focus on Target Markets

Your e-business plan won rave reviews not only from your brother but also from members of the business owner's group. Now they are approaching you to design plans for them.

Any business will tailor its marketing, products, and services to its intended audience. For each of the following potential e-business clients, if you were designing a website for only that one client and potential audience, what design or functional elements would you focus on or de-emphasize? Describe one feature that adds value to the business' partners, customers, or employees beyond what could be done in a traditional business.

Howard's Chess Sets: sells custom-designed, hand-carved chess sets
Whalen Clean and Tidy: provides cleaning services to local office buildings
Dea's Downline: Dea has a home-based business selling cosmetics, and she has 30 recruits selling cosmetics and crediting part of their sales to her. She wants to communicate new products, specials, and their commissions to them online.

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

Phase Resources:
eBusiness Models
Resources for writing an eCommerce Business Plan and other business model information

Useit.com (Jakob Nielsen's Web Site)
You can find the "Alert-box" a bi-weekly column on web usability here. Good information from a guru in the field.

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I will give you some direction in the ways I would focus on these companies and their products.

Howard's Chess Sets: A feature that would focus on allowing customers to upload photographs and other elements to design the chess set they would like to have. The feature allows customers to plan their sets as much as possible with materials, size, and providing pictures of representative items that would be included in their sets. This allows the owner to also have ...

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This solution provides a brief discussion of several different companies and how their marketing focus should translate to their websites and the website-features each should use in 300 words.