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    Techniques in Marketing

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    1. Most businesses market either to businesses or to consumers. This changes the kind of data each type of organization will need to maintain. Define the main differences in building a marketing database for consumers versus businesses. Think in terms of the sources of this data, the differences in data fields, and the kinds of information that are specific to maintaining information about consumers versus businesses. Are the kinds of marketing programs done for consumers different from those for businesses? If so, what are the implications of that for a marketing database?

    2. You are the marketing director of a multichannel retailer selling clothes for children up to age 13. These are high-end products, with an average order of $100 plus. You sell through retail, catalogs, and a Web site. Although you have a lot of transactional information about your customers (products purchased, amount of purchase, date, historical order data), you don't know very much about the demographics of your customers. Up to now the catalog has only been mailed using response lists of direct mail buyers of similar products. How would you learn about the demographics of your customers? What other kinds of lists would you test? Explain your answers.

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    Stone, B., & Jacobs, R., (2008). Successful direct marketing methods (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

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    //In the following paper, there will be a discussion about differences in marketing strategies adopted by the firms in case of marketing to consumers and to businesses. Also, the paper will highlight a small case related to marketing. In the following section, the major differences between the two marketing strategies will be highlighted.//

    Most businesses cater their services either to industries or to consumers, for which they maintain different types of databases according to the requirements of customers. The main difference while designing the database lies in the source for collecting data. The consumer databases primarily rely on third party data. There are many people who have specific data, which proves to be helpful in the collection of information. Also, the companies may engage directly in collecting data with the use of contests, online registrations and sweepstakes. When formulating business databases, the companies rely on sales persons, agents, and this limits the availability data for the companies (Stone & Jacobs, 2008). The data can also be purchased from compilers of business data and collected from direct sales, online sales and notable publications.

    In the consumer ...

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