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There are many great ways to promote your site like search engine optimization strategies and pay per click or other inbound links. And there are unethical and often illegal techniques like spam and link bait that could tarnish your siteâ??s reputation or land you in legal trouble.

Using your text, online internet periodicals, or articles from the full-text databases in the library:

â?¢Research unethical marketing techniques used in e-business, including but not limited to:
â?¦Page Cloaking and Mirror Pages/sites
â?¦Spam Email
â?¦Keyword Stuffing and Irrelevant Keywords
â?¦Spam Blogs
â?¦Link Farms and Link Bait
â?¢What are the consequences of using these techniques improperly? Which can be unethical? Which can be illegal?
This section of the paper should be 2-2 ½ pages in length

After having researched the unethical aspects of e-marketing, what techniques will you use to promote your site? Considering your target market and competition, select 3 techniques that you will use to promote your site.

â?¢Provide rationale for the choices.
â?¢Explain how you will apply the technique.
â?¢Create an example of the technique for your site.
â?¢Analyze how your application is deemed to be ethical.

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The ethics and promoting your sites are examined.

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In the business world globalization has revolutionized how organizations market their operations. The creation of an organizational site has been adopted by most if not all corporations. The site is always used to enable the company to get in contact with their customers or prospective consumers. To make the organizational website to be known in the business market, it is crucial to have strategies that will ensure the site is frequently visited. The marketing of the site is the key element that will determine its success (What is, 2011).

Unethical Marketing Techniques in E-Business:

Marketing techniques are used to promote the operations of the corporation. Through the use of these marketing techniques, sales will increase and the company is bound to dominate the market. The marketing techniques that are employed in organizations should however be legal and ethical. The use of extremely fierce marketing technique for an organizational site can dent the image of the company. The following are some of the unethical marketing techniques that can be used in e-marketing; Page Cloaking and Mirror Sites. Page cloaking is a technique that is utilized to deliver separate web pages of the same organization under different circumstances. This technique can lead to misguiding the customers who might be interested in the products or services of the organization. Mirror site is the marketing technique where the organization provides multiple sources of the same information to the target market. This procedure can be looked at as being unethical since the clients are given a variety sites for the same organization (Leigh, 2011).

Spam emailing is another e-business marketing technique that is used in organizations to make their operations known. This is the act of sending bulk unsolicited e-mails without permission to people you have no business relations with. The sending of these mails is aimed to create awareness for the organization. But contrary to the positive effects of making the organization known to the target audience, the spam emails tend to aggravate potential clients. This will make people to ...

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