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    Analyzing Reports from a Marketing Manager's Point of View

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    Please analyze each my two reports from the point of view of a marketing manager charged with selling the major purchases discussed. (See attached file)

    1. How would the results of the focus groups assist you in the marketing effort?

    2. Is there sufficient information?

    3. What would you like to see in future studies?

    Please answer these questions separately for each of the two studies.

    Also, please note that the Maslow Theory of Human Consumerism model was followed for formulating the questions and findings.

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    First the focus groups helped to define the needs of the individuals who purchased vehicles. This is important for marketing because it creates the parameters for target markets. Marketing is based on applying knowledge to decide target markets and design marketing campaigns based on those markets.

    The specifics of features is helpful to marketers because they can highlight the special features a vehicle has to gain market share. Appealing to customers and their wants (as opposed to needs) can help to sell a vehicle. Features and colors are important to people, even when they say they are not. Features also help people decide on the value of a car. The more features and the types of features can make a vehicle seem more upscale, safer, "fancier" than another that looks like it, but has fewer or different features. Feature types are also helpful when creating ...

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