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The Reliability of E-Commerce

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On the issue of reliability, please rate the following issues (critical, important, moderate importance, occasional importance, not important) and explain your rating. Also, rank (from 1-7) these items in order of importance, especially thinking about your own project/proposal. The use of a table would be helpful but not required.
- Load speed and response time
- Accuracy and timeliness of information/data
- Speed of product delivery
- Accurate description of product
- Site up or down time
- Personal response speed (response to individual queries by individuals at e-business)
- Return policy/handling

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This solution looks at different aspects of e-commerce and rates the importance of each aspect in relation to reliability.

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E-business reliability risks include failure of computer hardware, networks and telecommunications due to outages and environmental disruptions caused by accidents or attacks. Thus proper back up is necessary. Assessing reliability also entails measuring how quickly service could be restored after a system failure.

Thus the e-business reliability risks include risks of scalability, uptime, verification, and monitoring etc.
The business plan which does not include e-commerce risk management will be more vulnerable to the reliability risks. Also the reliability risks will be high in the growth phase because the business is expanding and exposure to these risks is ...

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