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What is Internet2? What are the impact of Internet2? What are the main impacts of Internet2 on E-Commerce ? What is the future of Internet2 ?

Marketing Strategy of New Bleaching Cream

Develop a Marketing Strategy. The first two components you will discuss are your Objectives and Product/Services features. Provide a quick overview of the product or service you created on the Unit 1 DB (2-3 sentences only). State the features of your product. Show how it's innovative and different. Provide a Mission State

Traditional Retailing and Online Stores

I would like your take on the pros and cons of operating both a traditional retailing location and an online store, for purpose of discussion. Can't wait to read your insight and develop a discussion with other classmates of mine.

E-business ethics, legal and regulatory issues

Describe how each site (Dell Inc, Target and e-Bay) handles legal, ethical, and regulatory issues and provide example. And how each site handles security and confidentiality. And if Dell, Target and e-Bay are international businesses, if so what issues do they compete with the international market. Please provide example.

Internet Attack Protection

Address the future how to avoid internet attacks and protection, where it is going, what it will allow us to do differently in the future, how it will make our personal or professional lives better. What are some Strategies for Protecting Against Future Cyber Attacks

New Marketing Landscape

I need help with identifying and describing how the "New Marketing Landscape" for a specific firm has transformed the way it performs its marketing. Marketing over the Internet could affect the firm's pricing, promotion, distribution and/or product creation, either through change or development. The Internet and the marketing l

Fundamentals of Marketing: Advent of the Internet

The marketing world has gone through significant changes with the advent of Internet. How has the "new marketing landscape" altered the ways in which certain companies market, give an example. Use the new strategies of your classmate's companies to compare and contrast with the company in your discussion.

Legal, Ethical and Tax Issues in E-Commerce

The following is a case with four questions. Please give me a sound basis for the answer to each question. Ellen Carson is the author and illustrator of a successful series of children's books that chronicle the adventures of Ellasaurus, a four-year-old orange dinosaur. Ellen has done well with the books, but her business

Data Collected by a B2C Retailer

List five types of data that might be collected and used by a B2C retailer. Briefly define each category. Provide an example of the data. Provide an example of how an e-commerce company might use the data. Describe challenges to collecting and legitimately using the data. List three business functions that rely on c

E-commerce and e-business

Need information on an international internet retailer need other than merely a storefront on the internet. Why Google & AOL are so successful despite the failures of other's?

Strategic Plan - Yahoo!

Attached is an article in which the following information is to be based on. The article is to be the only source reference. Yahoo! Act Two! Please provide info to complete the following or guide me. 1) Background / Overview 2) Mission / vision/ values 3) SWOTT Analysis 4) Brief Description of Yahoo Act Two Ca

E-business Functions

A banking organization has determined that its e-Business functions are not "cutting edge" and, thus, the organization is losing its competitive edge. The development department has done some preliminary market and competitive intelligence research and identified the following business projects that should be investigated: 1

Supply Chain Processes

I need clarification as to how to compare the supply chain processes of the grocery and fast food industries. Give specific examples.

Globalization and Technologies

Explain the effects of globalization and the technologies that enable global organizations. Summarize the key strategies of successful global IT operations. How can an organization's global presence be enhanced through technology?

Compare Baldrige concepts and processes to Raytheon

My place of employment is Raytheon. Describe how the process defined in From Baldrige to the Bottom line can apply to your organization. Describe the benefits of applying Baldrige processes to one's place of employment or a place of employment of their choice. Benefits should include those to the customer, to the employee, t

Privacy Issues in ecommerce

How has privacy impacted the privacy policy of companies that have moved from Brick and Mortar to an Online Environment?

The Effect of Electronic Contracting & Potential Pitfalls

On September 16, 1999, Governor Gray Davis signed Senate Bill 820 making California the first state to adopt an electronic contracting law. The law went into effect January 1, 2000. Its primary purpose is to "ensure that electronic contracts (records and signatures) have the same legal effect as their hard copy counterparts." In

E-Commerce: Emerging Technology

In your opinion what would be a good emerging technology or service not currently or readily in use in banking industry. (Perhaps something like smart cards replacing paper or atm use, or any other idea, etc.) Discuss what the technology is and how it works, benefits it will provide, and any potential negative aspects of the tec


1) Find a defamation case (preferably one that has been decided) and write a brief summary detailing how the five criteria were applied to determine defamation. To prove defamation, a plaintiff must meet FIVE requirements: 1) The statement must have been published, spoken or broadcast. 2) there must be identification of t

EBusiness Question

Discuss the differences among internets, intranets, and extranets and give examples how each one works and its purpose.

CPA Vision Memo

Review the information on the CPA Vision project provided at the AICPA's Web site,, and at Prepare a informational memo on the importance of aligning AIS with organizational goals, and critique the accounting uses of the Internet and Intranets. Your informational m

XML Technology

Need help finding the information on the following problems: Find two examples of XML technology being used by corporations today. Can you explain the advantages gained from using XML? How could those solutions improve their business processes? How could the solution grow in the future? Write a short explanation of each


Inter Comp. a computer seller, had been using their website only as a static marketing tool displaying product and company details. Now they have decided to sell PCs and printer on the website. They have decided to get it done using ASP technology. Prepare a document outlining how ASP can be used to put in an online shopping

Management Information Systems

1. To solve unstructured business problems you must: a. understand how the business operates b. learn to ask the right questions c. identify the root cause of the problem d. all the above 2. The purpose of a __________ model is to describe how the individual processes interact with each other. a. sequence b. collaborat

Payment Mechanisms and associated costs

1. On the basis of the cost figures, create a spreadsheet and compare the estimated annual costs for the various online payment mechanisms for three hypothetical companies. The first company sells digital content for about $20 each and anticipates about 5,000 sales per year. The second company sells music for $0.75 per song, but

E-Business Website Comparison

Go the the websites of two companies in the same industry. Compare the benefits and resources for each company. Are the similar? What has each company doe to distinguish itself from its competitors? Which company do you think will ultimately win in the industry? Why?