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    T&F Company sale of CAD/CAM software

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    The T&F Company sells CAD/CAM software applications to architectural and engineering firms in the United States through value-added resellers. The company has loyal customers, and is growing steadily. Recently, the growth rate has dropped. The Sales and Marketing Director believes if they don't adapt their business model into todays networked economy, their competitive edge will become weaker. T&F's goals are to increase the revenue growth rate and get into the international market. The CEO leads the steering committee, which is formed by T&F's department heads. You are the Director of the Technical Support Department. The company website consists of a company overview and listing of contact phone numbers.

    In this year's meeting on strategy, the steering committee completed a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). These are their findings:


    Loyal customers
    Strong reseller network
    Good products
    Focused management/staff
    Competitive product prices


    Has not utilized Internet technology
    T&F not well-known among prospective customers
    Drop in growth rate
    Profit margin is too small (company needs to reduce costs)


    To create a web site to serve customers and promote the company
    To enter the international market
    To establish online sales as a new distribution channel


    Other larger and more well-known competitors may enter T&F's targeted market segment
    Economic slowdown could reduce demand
    Competitors have utilized Internet to enhance customer relationships
    You see this SWOT as justification for developing and implementing an e-business strategy, but you know that the rest of the group is not as far along as you. Over the course of the next month or so, you will need to take the group's understanding of business strategy and business models, and help them integrate e-business. You also need to convey a sense of urgency, as one of the features of e-business is compression of time: research, production, and change.

    Details: Finally, T&F has implemented its upgraded web site. It still does not provide direct sales. Their web site contains a company profile, products and service information, advertising, and also is a portal for the resellers. It is important to provide security and privacy protection on it. The site allows its customers to download the newest version of the software. EEE is a construction firm that purchased one of T&F's products, "CADgold", last year. The site license allows EEE a maximum of 10 users. Now, T&F has a new release of CADgold. EEE users can go online to download it. How should T&F manage it?

    Please include References:

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    //You can see that the company T&F is involved in dealing of CAD/CAM software applications. T&F has implemented an updated website from which customers can download new version of any particular software. T&F is in the need of managing this security issue. Before writing this paper, you need to visit some sources which can provide you some information on online security. I am giving you a sample overview for this issue. //

    The T&F Company trades CAD/CAM software applications to architecture and technology firms with the help of value-added resellers. The company possesses loyal customers with steady growth. The company's strong points include: loyal customers, strong reseller network, good products, focused management and competitive product prices. The company is providing well-designed and innovative products for satisfying the requirements of the customers in a better way. The company has to concentrate mainly on creating a well-defined strategy for e-business. The company has to put emphasis on the main features of the e-business, that is, research, production and change in the processes and procedures (Internet Software tips, tricks and answers, 2008).

    For the survival of the company in the competitive environment as well as for the presence in the international market, the company needs to develop an online distribution network. The company's website contains the company profile, information of products and services it is offering to the customers, advertisements and portals for the resellers. The company does not provide direct sales services through its upgraded website. The website allows ...

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