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    Interviewing a PR Professional

    What are the key global PR trends? What are the differences in publicity and advertising in terms of their impact on publics? When do you need proactive PR planning? And when do you utilize reactive crisis management? Describe the impact of positive and negative PR in daily life and provide at least two examples.

    External and Internal Factors Analysis Summary for IKEA

    Research the Ikea company. Using the case, your readings, the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) Table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) Table. The tables are to be submitted in one Excel file (one sheet for the EFAS. And one sheet for the IFAS), separate from your a

    Conflict resolutions

    1. Students will develop a scenario involving an organizational conflict issue with your particular company. 2. Students will write a recommendation for managing the conflict. Introduction Our Sweet treats bakery was started by my Grandmother. This sells low carb, low sugar, low sodium and low fat recipes and has bec

    E-Commerce Security

    Describe the following issues with e-commerce security: What are some examples of typical corporate security policies. If possible , cite specific company examples. what are some control measures business are putting into place to minimize the risk of hacker attacks? Name and describe at least 2 e-commerce companies who

    Site Stickiness

    In the industry, acquiring and retaining customers in a cost-effective manner is called "site stickiness". Many aspects of a website application are analyzed by what are known as Usability Interface Engineers ( UIE's), who determine the best placement of buttons, drop down menus, color schemes, and other navigational tools fo


    The Stationery Stop is located in Portland, Oregon. The Stationery Stop specializes in the sale of high-quality stationery, writing instruments, and also accepts custom orders for stationery and invitations. It was opened by Sydney five years ago, and Sydney currently operates the original store in Portland. Recently,

    Progress Report

    What are the global considerations for an all-inclusive resort? INFORMATION REGARDING THE RESORT: The resort features hotels, a Convention Center, acres of botannical gardens, preserved land for wildlife [eco-friendly], golf courses, spa, and private villas and other recreational activities). The Resort offers its employees

    Internet Opportunity

    The internet has created numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to both start a new online business and/or increase a traditional business. Share your thoughts on how the Internet has contributed to small businesses.

    Internet Opportunities

    The internet has created numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to both start a new online business and/or increase a traditional business. Share your thoughts on how the Internet has contributed to small businesses.

    EBusiness Web sites

    Select three related eBusiness Web sites and analyze the sites in terms of navigation, marketing, and legal ethical regulatory issues. Find three different Web sites for the business area selected. Describes how the "look and feel" differs for the three Web sites. Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of each Web si

    Discuss organizational ethical processes

    Discuss organizational ethical processes as well as regulatory and legal rulings that might affect consumer trust when using an eBusiness Web site. This can be answer in a paragraph from off the top of the head, for discussion purposes.....Thanks

    Opinions on Internet in the workplace

    Please give your personal opinions regarding the two responses below... No right or wrong answers...( 1 small paragraph 3-4 sentences each response) #1 The internet breaks many boundaries. Among them are the political and geographic ones. The internet flattens the world and can facilitate business in many ways. However, e-co

    Start-Up Company Mission Statement

    What kind of company would you like to start. What industry would it be in? What would your mission statement and vision statement say? I think all of this has been addressed in the attached. * analysis of your business environment, * describe your product or service * analyze the competition in your industry.

    SWOT analysis of the Dell Corporation

    Conduct a SWOT analysis of the Dell Corporation. Describe the reasons for for each results. Based on the analysis, create a set of long-term objectives for the organization, and justify them in terms a strategic plan.


    It has been said that with the Internet, geography no longer matters. Do you agree or not? Explain.

    IT Recommendations

    SBI Corporation is a financial consulting organization based out of Dallas, Texas with four satellite offices located throughout the southwestern United States. The company has 300 full-time employees, 20 of whom travel to various office locations 2 to 4 days a week. These 20 employees do not have access to email and other

    IT Recommendations

    Sarah's Flower Designs is a fledging, home-based business in Madison, Wisconsin, consisting of three employees. Sarah, the owner, handles all of the floral arrangements. Her assistant, Mark, handles the purchasing of flowers, related materials, and takes telephone and walk-in orders from customers. Mark also keeps the finan

    Country Risk and Strategic Planning

    Country Risk and Strategic Planning I have to do a country risk analysis for my global business venture. The country is Mexico. The service being ventured is a resort. I have to analyze the country risks involved in this venture. I have to analyze: 1) Political/legal/regulatory risks 2) Exchange and repatriation of funds r

    Global Considerations Paper

    I need assistance in preparing the following: Based on your country risk analysis prepare a paper in which you explain how you would address the following within the context of your selected country: To open a dollar store in Mexico. 1. Supply chain management: 2. Research and Development (R&D):

    Payment Methods

    As a small business owner, with a storefront and Internet site, you must decide what method of payment you are willing to accept for your products and services. Discuss what methods of payment you are willing to accept and the benefits and risks associated with each one. Are you willing to accept the same payment methods at the

    E-Business Questions

    Please provide detailed answers for each question and analysis based on your understanding of E business. The purpose of these questions is to help understand E-Business, and help me have a clear Understanding of its objectives. 1. Throughout the course you learned the importance of Internet and Having online businesses. Bas

    Travel Industry Reverse Auction Sites

    I am having a hard time understanding the following as it relates to Travel Industry Reverse Auction Sites (i.e. Priceline.com): Value Proposition Online offering Resource system Revenue model


    In a firm's Internet strategic management process, which of the four major steps do you believe require the most attention from a general manager: Where is the firm now as far as the Internet is concerned? Where does the firm go next? How does it get there? How does it implement the decisions to get there? Explain.


    You are asked to design a Web page providing your personal information. It should include: Brief introduction Educational experience Work experience Interests Family Friends Aspirations Code your Web pages using a method of your choice. Ensure that you include a TABLE-BASED NAVIGATION OR FRAME-BASED NAVIGATION ON THE