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    E-commerce & Electronic Contracting

    E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, propelling business further into the information age with each passing day. People just like you and me clicked our mouse and purchased approximately $10 billion in merchandise during 1999. The U. S. Department of Commerce forecasts Internet retailing will exceed $50 billion within the

    E-marketing Strategies

    Please provide a blurb about each of the following companies and their e-marketing strategies. Amazon EBay ETrade Dell Computers Companies that have successfully converted from "bricks" to "bricks and clicks": Gateway (converted from clicks to bricks and clicks!) Staples Borders I want to determine what made

    Orbitz Internet Site

    Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that Orbitz.com must address. Describe how the site handles security, confidentiality, and international issues. Discuss the impact of legal, regulatory, or ethics issues. Discuss how the protection [or lack thereof] of intellectual property could impact overall business goal


    1. Why do we have E-Government? 2. In general what are the benefits to e-learning and other asynchronous modes of learning have over traditional learning models? 3. What are the models of P2P Applications 4. What are the barriers to M-Commerce

    EBusiness BrainMass Expert

    Discuss strategic opportunities for eCommerce enabled supply chains. Include personal experience if possible.

    Supplier-Oriented E-Commerce

    Dell and Cisco represent a supplier-oriented market place. Explain how Dell and Cisco represent a supplier oriented market place and their impact on how companies shop for computer and network gear.


    Introduction to Electronic Commerce Visit the following site: http://www.bplans.com Review the sample business plans, [link in the left-hand menu] and select any firm that does not have an existing or proposed Web presence (Examine the "products/services" section of the relevant plan to determine this). Complete the

    E-commerce Questions

    Questions: 1. What are the basic types of B2B and B2C market places? 2. What is the difference between sell side and buyer side market places? 3. What are infrastructure, integration and software agents in B2B commerce? 4. What are the classifications of B2B electronic exchanges? 5. What are the integration i

    How eBay Revolutionized the Auction Business

    How eBay Revolutionized the Auction Business In the 1990s, many entrepreneurs attempted to use new information technologies and particularly the Internet to provide new or improved services to customers. Their goal was to use the potential of the new technology to find ways to obtain a competitive advantage over existing fir

    E-business & marketing

    In detail; what are the similarities between "brick and mortar" and eBusiness marketing?

    E-Commerce costs, proposals and breakdowns

    This should pertain to almost any online e-business start up. Most every e-business experiences the same sort of costs etc. With the 4 questions below, use just about any online business as a template for costs such as, "The Sharper Image" as an example. Cost Proposal Project Cost Total Project Cost Breakdown of Project Co

    E-Commerce site plan structure

    This should mirror any sort on online e-business start up such as "The Sharper Image" online store. Populate A-F as much as possible with like planning of most any other online business. Appendix: List of Tables and Charts Appendix A: Process Flow Appendix B: Gantt Schedule Chart Appendix C: Corporate Organization Chart A

    Business research for decision making: Juicy Red Tomato Company

    You have just been hired by Juicy Red Tomato Company as a human resources consultant. Juicy Red Tomato Company (JRT), a tomato grower operating in Florida, hired you to investigate (1) the effectiveness and efficiency of its organizational structure, and (2) the selection and maintenance of managerial personnel. The reason why?

    Information Technology

    An organization with which I am familiar with?has determined that its e-Business functions are not "cutting edge" and, thus, the organization is losing its competitive edge. The organization's business development department has done some preliminary market and competitive intelligence research and identified the following busin

    Technology Trends in E-Business: Example Questions

    Why is it important to keep abreast of technology trends when running an eBusiness? Comment on one recent technology trend, and discuss how it might affect an eBusiness. Why is benchmarking an important activity in the analysis of eBusiness Web sites?

    E-Business vs. E-Commerce

    What is the difference between e-Commerce and e-Business? Also in detail, why do some people say B2B (business-to-business) has greater potential than BSC (business to consumer)?

    Business & Inernet

    1. How has the Internet impacted the decision-making process in media/entertainment organizations (example: MTV Networks) 2. Do you think that it would be possible for society to revert back to the times when there was no Internet, e-commerce, etc.? What would the ramification be?

    Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues for Continental Airlines

    Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues: Write a paper that describes the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues important in eBusiness for Continental Airlines. Also, describe how Continental Airlines' website handles security, confidentiality, and International issues.

    Planning a Website

    . Elaborate on each point as one would in the beginning phases for planning of a website. 3.0 Management and Organizational Plan 3.1 Organizational Structure 3.2 Project Organizational Plan 3.2.1 Work Breakdown Structure 3.2.2 Project Organizational Structure 3.2.3 Project Team 3.3 Management Systems 3.3.1 Suppl


    Write a short essay discussing ways to build trust over the Internet. What are the suggestions given by your peers? Do you agree with their ideas?

    E-commerce trust building

    Assume that you have a virtual company. How would you go about building trust through E-commerce? Support your rationale with examples of action steps.

    Technological Disasters Important Lessons

    What do you consider the most important lessons learned from technological disasters? How are they related to some of the more common risks threatening E-commerce projects? Do these lessons help you in dealing better with the risks with personal business endeavors? What are the final items you've selected to include?