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    Business and the Internet

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    1. How has the Internet impacted the decision-making process in media/entertainment organizations (example: MTV Networks)

    2. Do you think that it would be possible for society to revert back to the times when there was no Internet, e-commerce, etc.? What would the ramification be?

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    1. Some of the ways that the Internet has affected the decision-making process in media and entertainment organizations are the following:

    -Blogs have become a major journalistic outlet, which has allowed the public to experience more points of view and also has impacted the speed with which stories can be made public. This means that media outlets have had to diversify their own approaches, for example by setting up their own blogs and websites with up to the minute news coverage.

    -In terms of entertainment organizations such as MTV networks, the internet has had a major impact on where viewers can go to see music videos, listen to music, and read about their favorite artists. This has influenced decisions by such networks to make videos and music clips accessible online as well. Viewers no longer need to rely on MTV, for example, to see their ...