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    Importance of the Internet and Wireless Communications

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    What is the importance of the internet and wireless communications in business planning? Explain how it could positively or negatively impact a business.

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    The importance of the Internet and Wireless communications that need to be addressed in business planning:

    *Is the site new or is this an upgrade?
    *What is the marketing strategy for the site? ECommerce, Informational, Health, Education, etc.
    *What does the site need to use Internet? Type of Internet carriers (T1, Fractional T1, etc.), routers, cabling, workstations,printers, and other hardware?
    *What securities are in place for the Internet? Firewalls, Virus scanners
    *What benefits can the Internet provide the business? Communication between customers, vendors, and employees? Does the ...

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    The solution discusses the importance of the internet and wireless communications.