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Challenges of order fulfillment in e-commerce

Please explain how order fulfillment can create challenges in e-commerce.

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Order fulfillment in e-commerce has many unique challenges.

There are many perspectives from which you could frame these problems. From the consumer's perspective order fulfillment often represents the most risky, and most annoying, part of e-commerce. By this I mean that (potential) online consumers must consider:

A. Is the business going to follow through in our agreement - will it correctly ship the items I ordered? Is there any viable avenue for consumer redress if the business does not fulfill my order, or if it does so incorrectly?

- The answer to the second part of "issue A" has traditionally been "no" all too often. Creating a "safe" market for consumers has been an important challenge in recent years and the burden has been shared by private enterprise as well as the government. This past ...