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    E-Commerce Concerns

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    Discuss the main challenges that e-commerce organizations face in the customer services and customer satisfaction arena. What has been your experience in dealing with these programs? Be sure to cite and reference material to support your ideas.

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    With e-commerce companies, an item can generally be purchased by anyone who is located anywhere. The challenges keeping the website up and running, protect the consumer's credit card information and the hiring of customer service operators who can speak legibly, clearly and educated enough to answer the consumer's questions and concerns.
    Customer Service Challenges
    "The popularity of e-commerce and online self-service continues to grow, and perhaps surprisingly, so does the commitment of some customers to address their purchase and service issues through the contact center. But with that evolution of outsourcing call centers to increase revenues is one of the several challenges that companies must address, because despite these online advancements, the complaint ...

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    The solution addresses the many challenges that e-commerce organizations face in regard to customer service.