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    How have e-commerce technologies enriched our lives?

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    How have e-commerce technologies changed your own life? Discuss some of the ways in which you believe such technologies may have enriched your life as well as some of the downsides (e.g. inconveniences, poor service, security concerns etc.) you have experienced. Make reference to the TED Video for this module to help spark your thinking. If you have the opportunity to discuss this question with other students, develop a second posting identifying some of the commonalities and differences in their responses (300 Words).

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    There are several ways in which e-commerce technologies have changed my life. They have enriched my life by providing a wide range of products and services; I can make the purchases without moving away from my home through the internet, and get goods at cheaper rates. For example, I can make purchases of a variety of goods and services from Amazon or eBay without moving away from my computer (1). E-commerce technologies also save my valuable time, provide adequate information about the product, and get clarifications about the product. With e-commerce technologies, I do not have to go to physical stores, examine a variety of products, select the products I want, and then queue up at the checkout. Moreover, e-commerce technologies have enriched my life ...

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