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    Societal change in the United States

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    I need help with the following:

    Answer the following questions regarding social change:

    How do you think life in the United States will change in the next 10 years?
    How might the Internet be involved in the changes?
    How do you think sociologists might use the Internet to study life in the United States? Name 3 specific ways.

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    How do you think life in the United States will change in the next 10 years?

    - As we have seen in recent years, technology has taken a leading role in our personal and professional lives. Because technology now plays such a large role and is so integral to the economy from both a technical standpoint and an expansion standpoint, we will continue to see growth in this area. Companies like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft are always researching, developing and inventing. This will continue to lead the growth in this area and the technologies devised will continue to impact our lives over the next decade.

    We have also seen changes with the use and capabilities of the Internet over the past several years. The changes will continue to come in this area as well. Look at e-commerce. E-commerce literally exploded on the Internet. We can now do so much and our lives have become easier because we don't have to take time (if we don't want to), to go to the bookstore or to buy a family member's birthday gift. There are few things that we cannot do over the Internet. In some larger metro areas, you can even place your grocery order over the Internet and have groceries ready for a certain time to pick up, or delivered to ...

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    This solution discusses sociology and social change over the next decade. The role of the Internet in social change is also discussed, along with ways that sociologists will use the Internet to study life in the United States.