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Describe the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that Orbitz.com must address. Describe how the site handles security, confidentiality, and international issues.

Discuss the impact of legal, regulatory, or ethics issues. Discuss how the protection [or lack thereof] of intellectual property could impact overall business goals and strategies. Possible areas to cover include current laws and regulations, jurisdictions, who needs protection, extent of protection, and who should regulate.

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Issue of ethics, legal and other regulations

There has been tremendous impact of e-Business on the travel industry in which Orbitz is operating. The information is exchanged much more quickly than any other thing which is helping the organizations to make more quick and accurate decisions. E business has removed geographical and time restrictions for the organizations. It also helps in following:
? Recording and analyzing strategic management records: processing these strategic management records into industry trends reports, market share reports, mission statements, and portfolio models
? It also actively uses electronic ticketing and reservations for flights, hotels etc. which involves generating an electronic record of ticket details, keeping status of the ticket updated at every stage as the passenger uses each of the flight coupon, on post flight reconcile payments , process refunds , reissues or to generate management reports. It is a very good example of marketing in digital age as it involves using of "electronic communication to conduct business among enterprises and its customers.
It includes catering to a group or target consumer in order to expose, sell, market. etc goods or services to the public. Thus there are issues of diverse cultures and languages; legal and regulatory differences; localization, technology and infrastructure. Moreover the markets are flooded with various products. ...

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The solution discusses legal, ethical, and regulatory issues for intellectual property protection, security, and confidentiality for Orbitz and in a broader context.