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What marketing tools are used by online travel websites?

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Please describe the marketing tools used in each of these Web sites:

Travel Worm

Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site.

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This solution discusses marketing tools and customer service at the five online travel webpages in 826 words.

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Travelocity: In terms of marketing, there are featured deals on the home page, enticing visitors to go straight to vacation packages. There is also a personalized login link, giving visitors a personalized experience with their own settings. There is also an interactive search utility which lets visitors quote and reserve flights, hotels and other vacation deals. There is also a gift card link as well as a mastercard link, giving visitors the oppotunity to give a gift or build a loyalty to travelocity and there is an rss feed link, giving visitors the chance to use another utility to book vacations. There is also a link to update notices on fares. There is also a gnome store link, to the travelocity store, another feature to build profits for travelocity.

However, there is no search engine link, taking away from a visitor making travelocity their home page and there is also a large blank space on the right size, premium space that could be used for marketing purposes. Thus, there is room for improvement.

Customer service presents an FAQ with a search option for different questions. There is also an e-mail option as well as phone number to customer service. ...

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