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Yahoo! Travel Marketing Tools

I need at least 350 words describing Yahoo Travel marketing tools used and an apparent evaluation of customer service provided by Yahoo Travel.

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//Before discussing about Yahoo travel marketing tools, the information regarding the Yahoo Travel is essential. So, firstly, we will discuss about the Yahoo Travel and its proceedings.//

Yahoo! Travel is an online booking and travel planning site. It provides the information regarding airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruises and vacation packages. After getting the information, a tour planner can do online booking of the air tickets, hotels rooms, etc. The primary features of this site include destination guides, resources, travel deals, discount airfares and travel alerts. The following marketing tools have been used by Yahoo! Travel so as to provide better services to the customers. (Yahoo! Travel, 2008)

//Above, we discussed about the Yahoo Travel. Now, we will discuss about the marketing tools used by Yahoo Travel under different headings. //

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