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E-Commerce Payments Vs. Bricks and Mortar Payments

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Please discuss the following:

How does e-commerce differ from bricks-and-mortar. How does an e-commerce payment differ from a bricks-and-mortar payment?

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E-commerce is indeed very different from bricks-and-mortar and payment is a good example.

There are several differences regarding online vs. offline payment. First is the issue of identity theft - for the past 10 years e-commerce has been struggling with a disproportionately large share of identity theft being committed online? This is bad for business and consumers alike - it scares the consumers away from purchases they would like to make and it exposes business to a large source of bad debt. This is partially due to the impersonal nature of the internet ...

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In a 360 word solution, the subject of e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses are fully explored. This discussion is mainly focused on how payment differs between these two different enterprises.