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    Amazon Versus Wal-Mart

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    Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company while Walmart is the undisputed world's largest retailer.

    The distribution channels that these behemoths employed were distinctly different in the past (clicks vs. bricks) but are now starting to merge.

    Amazon is rapidly building a network of distribution centers across the country and many observers believe their ultimate goal is to provide home delivery to consumers the same day that it is ordered.

    Walmart is expanding its own e-commerce capabilities and leveraging a world-class supply chain system and enormous retail store presence with the goal of making products ordered online available for pick-up by consumers at the closest Walmart store on the day it is ordered.

    I need help with research in answering the following questions:

    •Which approach do you believe will be the most successful?
    •Can Amazon really pull off same-day delivery across the nation (not just select urban markets)?
    •Will Amazon overtake Walmart as the world's largest retailer (they still have a long way to go)?

    Use references from scholarly sources and academic journals. List references and use in-text citation.

    Response needs to be only between 2-3 pages

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    There are two models that are being proposed now. One is the Wal-Mart model which makes products ordered online available for pick-up by customers at the closest Wal-Mart store by consumer the day it is ordered and the other model is the Amazon.com model that provides home delivery to consumers the same day it has been ordered.
    The most successful approach will be the Amazon.com approach which provides home delivery to customers the day they are ordered. This approach is likely to be more successful because receiving deliveries at home is more convenient to customers. From this perspective, Currently, Amazon.com hires contractors for deliveries but it is aiming to crowd=source delivery (a). This means that it will pay ordinary people to drop off packages for customers. Amazon.com is also planning to use drones to make deliveries once they receive regulatory clearance. The new pilot program called "on my way" will enlist ordinary people to help deliver Amazon packages while on route to another ...

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