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    Differences and Similarties of ebusinesses

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    Prepare a paper that assesses different organizations' specific e-business model. Choose at least three categories from this list: B2B (e.g., Intel), B2C (e.g., Amazon), C2C (e.g., eBay), e-Government (e.g., IRS.gov, ARMY), Nonprofit (e.g., United Way), or an organization in the Web 2.0 space (e.g., YouTube, Twitter). Identify differences and similarities of the models, taking into account the following factors:

    1) Who is the target audience for the Web site (e.g., consumers, government constituents, international clientele)?
    2) What Web site features or functions are used to reach this target audience (e.g., shopping cart, real-time inventory, customer service, product information or catalog, customization, order status, personalization, pre-order, wish lists, intelligent agents, membership)?
    3) How do these organizations' business models affect the way they market themselves? How does the target market learn about or find this site (e.g., search engines, referral sites, advertising)?
    4) Identify benefits of this site to the organization and to the site's visitors (e.g., revenue, cost reduction, brand recognition, global presence).

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    Finished IRS section and conclusion. I left the comments to help remind that those need to be cited.


    Businesses on the internet are becoming more and more important. The reasons are many and range from society becoming more green minded as not to have to drive to a store to purchase an item, or people like the freedom it gives to look around and make sure that the product is one they want. This paper is going to look at three different companies and answer basic questions about them. Then in the conclusion the paper will look at the similarities and differences between the two.

    The first company this paper is looking at is Apple.com run by Apple. The target audiences for this website are customers that are music lovers, those that have access to computers, and are open to the idea of purchasing computers, music, music players, and other electronics online. Usually Apple.com customers are in the younger generations. The Apple.com website has a more avenues to choose from after going to the main site. Some of the offerings are the ability to buy of different models of Apple iPods and Apple TV; the offer of downloading different iTunes, access to iTunes Store and iTunes games; the offer of combinations of iTunes and iPods, accessories and iPods for education; the website also troubleshooting for all of its products. Other services offered by Apple.com are gifting of iPods, corporate gifting and gifting of coupons, redemption of gift coupons, and allows making of requests for song downloads on iTunes stores. Apple.com uses several features to reach its target audience like different pages for the store, Mac, iPod + iTunes, iPhone, and Support all accessed thru the main site. Another feature of Apple.com is the Mac page sells the different models of the Mac and attempts to sell the operating system of Mac. Another way the website targets different audiences is with the Mac page like creative professions, those related to education, scientists and developers, provides extensive product information about the Mac, iPods +iTunes, iPhone and Apple TV. Even those customers who want to purchase second hand are targeted. The website helps find resellers in their local area. Other areas of the website features that iTunes can be used to activate the iPhones; a programs that makes YouTube available on Apple TV; tips on making the best use of iPods; gift cards that can be e-mailed; directions for direct and seamless integration between the car and iPod. Another feature of the website is the iTunes store that allows purchase of individual songs with prices US$0.99.

    As to Apple.com business model affecting their website marketing almost every search engine like Google, Alta Vista and Search features the Apple site. Apple.com also receives most of its visitors from referral sites have links to the Apple site. For instance, the music website Padora.com features a link to Apple's ITunes. Benefits of ...

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    This is a short essay about three different types of ebusiness that compares and contrasts them.