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    Human-Factors/Technology Problem

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    Below is the assignment posted by my instructor. I do not work at the moment but I have been using the banking industry as most of my topics since that is where my work experience lies. If references are used I need to be able to quote them so I will need the references.

    Based on other readings, or personal experience, prepare a 800 to 1200-word paper regarding a single human factors- and technology- related business problem / issue from your own work experience and how did you solve it. Please do not write about personal problems with your DVD player, home computer, home network, MS Word, or any problem related to home technology use! The following two topics need to be clearly presented in the paper

    1. Human factors and technology-related problem description.
    2. Solution to the stated problem.

    Please do not submit a set of problems and solutions, but a single, unique problem, well explained, and how you approached and solved it. Do not state a theoretical explanation of how you would solve it. What is needed is the actual solution that you applied to the problem. As stated earlier, the problem domain must be from the intersection of human factors and technology. In other words, human factors related to technology.

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    Problem of data security

    New technologies like ecommerce are bringing high speed and constant connectivity to companies and their users (employees, customers and suppliers), aiding the global trend. Ecommerce portal is designed to include not only everything that an user might hope to find on an intranet (such as a corporate directory, or customer support information), but also may be personal information and links that the users might want (such as stocks information, or even games). The intention is to increase not only efficiency, but also user satisfaction and a sense of loyalty with the organization. There is a connection between the company's network and the home users as they are linked through intranet. The offices intranets are connected through telecom network. Each office area network may have for example NetContinuum Firewall and NetContinuum Antivirus for servers. (K2 network, 2006)
    This system is functional without the restriction of geography and time. But it will use the resources of the users such as computer, internet and processing system. Thus there is network or link between the system of home user and the company. Through this link besides important information, other unwanted outcomes can also happen. One of them is the transfer of virus.
    Thus for organization it would be of utmost importance to provide secured interface with the users. It should ensure maximum security of the data. The other issues are:

    Constraints of technology - There are also ongoing concerns about Internet security, bandwidth, and quality service that must be considered by anyone thinking about relying on Internet-based applications to support critical business functions.

    Cultural component - leaders and managers need to find ways to break through cultural barriers and differences of beliefs, ideas, norms and values that shape peoples' lives. To do ...

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    This solution of 1,142 words focuses on problems in e-commerce data security. It also provides a number of recommendations to mitigate the risks with specific examples.