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Legal and Ethical Issues

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Explain why it is important (benefits, advantages, disadvantages) for companies to consider how to handle issues that may come up PRIOR to implementing a web site (i.e. legal, ethical regulatory, security, confidentiality, etc.) Note: Just tell why it's important to consider and plan for it. The other sections will tell which ones get addressed and how. This section describes the "planning" aspect of it.

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//Before writing about the issues, related to the Implementation of the Website, initially, we will discuss about the 'Importance of the Website' for the companies. The advantage and disadvantages associated with the website implementation will also be discussed.


In the current scenario, most of the businesses operate around the globe through the help of the websites. It is essential for a business to develop a website to expand its business in the universal market. It is also important for the company, as it helps to develop a large client base for the organization by educating them about the product and services of the company. The Management of the firm can use it as the 'cost- effective tool' of marketing and promotion through its 24 hours presence in the comprehensive market. It is also helpful to improve the communication with the customers, which further lends a hand to improve the customer's confidence (Creati, 2006). The main disadvantage of the website is associated with its cost, which is related to running the website continuously. The maintenance of the website is also difficult. To reach the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 652 words.

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