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Marketing Questions - PR Functions

1. How does the PR function in an e-business organization differ from a brick-and-mortar organization? How has PR affected your life and your family? What current events are greatly affected by PR? What is the future of PR? 2. How does the lack of cultural understanding impact the coverage of a media issue? How are PR and in

Bioshere Rules and E-Business

Based on Unruh's (2008) article, what are three biosphere rules that can be implemented to produce sustainable and profitable manufacturing? Explain why sustainable manufacturing is or is not an e-business ethical issue? Why might the issue of sustainable manufacturing be important to a business-to-consumer e-business?

Strategic Planning Initiative for amazon.com

A strategic planning initiative for amazon.com and identify an initiative discussed in the organization's annual report. You can find them all at: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=97664&p=irol-sec However, I also attached the 2009 Annual report Format on a WORD doc. and consistent with APA guidelines. Site r

Marketing in the Digital Age

Library Assignment: Max is unclear about the connection between Digi-Care's main online healthcare business and its Health Institute division. He has asked you to compose an e-mail message explaining how the electronic commerce network infrastructure allows Digi-Care to use nursing students' medical knowledge for online interact

Customer Relation Management

Questions for Quest Foods 1. How would you rate MacFadden, based on the progress he has made on CRM? 2. What are the forces driving BPR and CRM? 3. Are there reasons for going slowly on CRM? 4. What options exist for MacFadden? What are their pros and cons? 5. What are the characteristics of an ideal learning

Power vs. Politics & Stress in Organizations

Management Questions - 200 words each *Compare and contrast "power vs. politics" in organizations. How does one impact the other? *How has technology affected organizational stress levels? How may organizations reduce the time to market for products and services using e-business? What responsibilities do organizations hav

Organizational Stress

How has technology affected organizational stress levels? How may organizations reduce the time to market for products and services using e-business? What responsibilities do organizations have to reduce employee stress? Is it appropriate for an organization to consider employee stress when making assignments? Wh

Baderman Island E-Commerce Money Movement

I need help with the following assignment: identify the ways money might be moved for Baderman Island's e-commerce. Please see the attachment for the entire Baderman Island scenario (in a zip file). Thanks!

E-Commerce Lawsuits

Imagine that you are a manager or owner of a company that sells products over the Internet. What might you do to protect yourself against having to face law suits in every jurisdiction around the globe? What practical considerations would be important? Would your plan be different if you sold through your own websi

E-Commerce: Strategy for Global Expansion

For an internet or e-commerce company that only sells in the United States but wants to expand globally, what type of strategy would you recommend for the initial expansion? Why? Describe the factors this company would need to consider while pursuing this strategy.

Supply chain management effects on e-commerce

See attached file for full details. * - Discuss the affects of Supply Chain Management will have on e-commerce for Baderman Island. * - How will Supply Chain Management influence customers' perceived value of Baderman's products and services from both a B2B and B2C aspect. * - Identify what will Supply Chain Management'

Discuss issues of communicating in the virtual workplace

COMM/470 COMMUNICATING IN THE VIRTUAL WORKPLACE COURSE DESCRIPTION This course offers guidance and examples on how to communicate effectively in a workplace that is increasingly dependent upon technology as a means to communicate globally. The course provides students with an understanding of technology-mediated communication

Propose Search Terms

E-businesses often try to appear high in search engine rankings as related to one or more "search terms" (words or short phrases entered into search engines). As an example, perhaps Oracle Corporation (a leading database software vendor) would want to appear high if someone typed in "database." E-businesses have various ways of

Discuss internet purchasing and consumer concerns with e-commerce

E-commerce and internet purchases continue to climb as more consumers become more comfortable with the process and opportunities. How comfortable are each of you with purchasing items on the internet and why, or why not? What are some of the concerns consumers have with regards to e-commerce? What are some of the ways to protec

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and e-business

What are the critical steps of each phase of the SDLC? How does the SDLC support e-business project planning? Reflect on whether you have any opportunities to apply the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Briefly describe the scenario.

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology

Why does project planning usually come before analysis and design? What are some of the methodologies commonly used for requirements elicitation? How can a prototype be used? What are some metrics that can be used during the SDLC? List the various steps and applicable metrics. What are some reasons why systems fail?

Strategies for internet commerce; resources needed. Discuss a successful company

Despite the difficulties, many technology companies experienced when the dot-com bubble burst - Internet commerce (e-business) is here to stay. What resources does an International Internet retailer need other than merely a storefront on the Internet? Does it require fewer physical, financial, and human resources than a traditio

Propose 3 enterprise level strategic uses

See attached files. * - Propose and explain 3 enterprise-level strategic uses for technology that align with Baderman Islands business initiatives. * - For each proposed technology project, expound on how technology is a cause and/or driver of Baderman's business strategy leading to the proposed technology product. * -

Formal e-business project plan; ROI evaluation of new technologies

1. What are various elements of a formal e-business project plan? Why is it important to create an e-business project plan? Why do managers ignore planning? Briefly describe the concepts of project scheduling and cost estimation in support of an e-business plan. 2. What are the most important elements in conducting a techno

Internet or e-commerce strategy

For an Internet or e-commerce company that only sells in the United States but wants to expands globally, what type of strategy would you recommend for the initial expansion? Why? Describe the factors this company would need to consider while pursing this strategy.

Business and Society: Business Relationships

Please help with the following problem. In one paragraph, supported by evidence from other research, describe two forces that you believe shape the relationship between business and society. Provide two examples (one for each force you choose). Look for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

Global Business Plan: Marketing mix, chain of command, exit

Prepare a paper explaining the follow topic points. *Business venture is Dell (computer) Call Centers in India. *Please no plagiarism and provide references. o Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresse

Exchanges in the Digital Business Environment

1. What is the difference between the concept of exchange and the concept of transaction? 2. What four key interest groups may be involved in exchanges in the digital business environment? 3. If the key role of buyers and sellers is to create the exchange environment then what is the key role of policy makers

Integrative project - General Electric

Please assist me with the needed information listed below in order to complete an integrative project assignment. Thanks! ----------- 1. In developing corporate strategy, most experts advise starting with an analysis of (1) organizational resources and (2) forces in the organization's environment. Some of these factors cl

E-Marketing Tools used by CarsDirect.com

The goal of this section is to describe Internet marketing tools used by the following website and to include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site. (CarsDirect.com) Please discuss info about the website in the following areas: Marketing tools. Describe the Internet marketing too

Product Launch Plan - Kudler Fine Foods

I am stumped on these 2 sections of my paper. I have already written a good portion of it. I am working on the company Kudler Fine Foods and decided to launch a new product in Mexico and Italy. I will be offering cooking classes as the new product. ** I am looking for help on Pricing and Marketing research conducted for

E-Business Websites using CarsDirect.com

E-Business Websites Draft Paper - Section 2: Supply Chain Draft 1 page that describes the supply chain for CarsDirect.com when in a "brick and mortar" environment. Explain how the supply chain was modified from "brick and mortar" by the website. Include a table that contains a summary of the web