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Business and Society: Business Relationships

Please help with the following problem. In one paragraph, supported by evidence from other research, describe two forces that you believe shape the relationship between business and society. Provide two examples (one for each force you choose). Look for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

Global Business Plan: Marketing mix, chain of command, exit

Prepare a paper explaining the follow topic points. *Business venture is Dell (computer) Call Centers in India. *Please no plagiarism and provide references. o Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresse

Integrative project - General Electric

Please assist me with the needed information listed below in order to complete an integrative project assignment. Thanks! ----------- 1. In developing corporate strategy, most experts advise starting with an analysis of (1) organizational resources and (2) forces in the organization's environment. Some of these factors cl

E-Marketing Tools used by

The goal of this section is to describe Internet marketing tools used by the following website and to include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site. ( Please discuss info about the website in the following areas: Marketing tools. Describe the Internet marketing too

Product Launch Plan - Kudler Fine Foods

I am stumped on these 2 sections of my paper. I have already written a good portion of it. I am working on the company Kudler Fine Foods and decided to launch a new product in Mexico and Italy. I will be offering cooking classes as the new product. ** I am looking for help on Pricing and Marketing research conducted for

E-Business Websites using

E-Business Websites Draft Paper - Section 2: Supply Chain Draft 1 page that describes the supply chain for when in a "brick and mortar" environment. Explain how the supply chain was modified from "brick and mortar" by the website. Include a table that contains a summary of the web

E-Business Marketing Paper

E-Business Marketing Paper Write a 3 page paper that explains how online and offline marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Give specifics. Include a summary table of comparisons that briefly lists how online and offline marketing differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Their are a coup

E-Business Website -

The project is to select e-business website and analyze it in term of the 'Look & Feel' - Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of the website. Please use the following site: Thanks

Decisions for a Distribution Channel & Impact of E-Commerce

1. What decisions go into selecting a distribution channel? What decisions go into selecting new distribution channels? What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal distribution channel? Give an example. 3. What impact has E-Commerce had on traditional brick and mortar business? Give at least two examples and

E-business and e-commerce

I'm interested in the change that is likely to be observed as e-business and e-commerce evolve. Do you think there are jobs that exist today that might not exist 5, 10, or 20 years from today? What changes should businesses plan for in order to stay competitive in their markets? Can you share what you know about the following

10 Business Law multi choice questions

1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the Geier v. American Honda Motor Company case in chapter 4 of the e-text? a. the Supreme Court held that the federal passive restraint safety standard preempted the District of Columbia's tort law. b. the Supreme Court held that that the federal passive restraint safety

Function of e-market and use of enterprise applications

1.Define e-Market. How do they work? List and explain the specific advantages they offer over the traditional markets. List different classifications of e-Markets and specifically discuss the contrasts between horizontal and vertical markets. 2.Name four core enterprise applications and explain how e-markets help them perfo

Evaluate an advertising and promotion program for Kudlers Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods has chosen two countries in which to market their product which is organic produce. Both Mexico and Guatemala provide Kudler the opportunity to break into a new market and the opportunity for growth in reaching new customers. The trend with organic vegetables has reached a high from its consumers and the demand

Web Site Security.

Review current news about Web site and network security issues, create an outline of topics you find in your research to discuss on the types of security issues an e-business currently faces and how it might protect itself against them.

E-business entrepreneurs: creating and marketing new technologies

Identify three e-business entrepreneurs who have been successful in creating and marketing new technologies. Create an outline describing each entrepreneur and the technologies he or she created and marketed. How have or will these technologies change peoples' lives.

Amazon Knowledge management: key issues of people, technology and processes

1. Case Exercise: Amazon You can visit: and/or and/or And use any other source you may find helpful to answer the follow

Evaluate the IT status of the business

O Identify three business problems that you see at Club IT. o Evaluate Club IT's resources, customers, and supply chain. o Provide three detailed IT solutions to resolve the three problems. o Incorporate enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM) softwa

PetMed Express Open Systems Theory

See attached file. The case for this course is a little different from most classes, because it is an ongoing case analysis. You will analyzing one organization throughout the course, applying different models to assemble an organizational diagnosis. This term, we will be looking at PetMed Express. In this module, I want

Efficient Planning Systems

Computers and the latest developments in telecommunication technologies have resulted in more efficient payment systems. Do you agree or disagree? Support your answers with examples and justification.

Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

Please Write 450 words about: Explain how new social media tools may be used to distribute messages to consumers and clients. Please do not use Wikipedia,

Creating a Prototype E-Business Venture

You may do independent research using any additional sources for this assignment. An excellent site that provides an e-business plan template can be found at [URL Address] You may use the template and incorporate as much of the material fr


E-Commerce - Is It Worth It? Electronic Commerce is a set of technologies which have benefited many organizations worldwide. Our text cites Wal-Mart operations as a prime example. Another such example is Intel, one of the world?s dominant computer chip manufacturers. In one page or less explain how Intel has advantageous

Cyber-Health: Define intermediation, disintermediation, and reintermediation

President Learner must provide justification for a planned closure of several on-campus physical buildings when sufficient healthcare education programs transfer to Cyber-Health's online learning platform. You are to compose a brief report on the capacity of Cyber-Health's e-business model and med-teach agent technology to r

E-commerce unit

Outline the formal documents needed to launch the new e-commerce unit: the executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and competitor analysis. Outlines should consist of the following: ? Thorough lists of the document contents ? Brief descriptions of each part