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    Online Retail Services

    1. Why were so many entrepreneurs drawn to start businesses in the online retail sector initially? 2. What frequently makes the difference between profitable and unprofitable online businesses today? 3.How have travel services suppliers benefited from consumer use of travel websites?

    McDonalds vs Starbucks: Local market approaches

    I need help understanding how McDonalds and Starbucks are able to establish their brands to fit local markets through architectural design of the stores, their e-commerce strategies and service to accommodate the local markets and culture. Please explain their approaches individually and see if there are any differences or simil

    Business: Euro Users

    Examine statistics from www.internetworldstats.com and explain why you might think they are changing in the Caribbean region. See summary also attached. Thanks for your help here! Please include at least three references. The reference provided below can also be used... Reference: Laudon, Kenneth C. & Traver, Carol G. e-c

    Ethical/Social and Legal Issues with E-Commerce

    1. What basic assumption does the study of ethics make about individuals? 2. Name three ways online advertising networks have improved on, or added to, traditional offline marketing techniques. 3. Explain how web profiling is supposed to benefit both consumers and businesses.

    E-Commerce Marketing Concepts

    Can you help me get started with this project? 1. Research has shown that many consumers use the internet to investigate purchases before actually buying, which is often done in physical storefront. What implication does this have for online merchants? What can they do to entire more online buying, rather than pure research?

    Financial Impact of E-Commerce on Travel and Tourism

    Hi, I was told to focus on the financial impact of e-commerce on travel and tourism in St. Lucia. Can you assist me in getting two other sub questions? How should I approach this question, what areas do you think that I should focus on to gain a successful dissertation? Please advise.

    The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? Propose an argument that the actions of the defendants to petition the court to dismiss their case because they believed California did not have personal jurisdiction and the case should be brought in Florida instead. And was it ethical? Case:104 S.Ct. 1482 79 L.Ed.2d 804

    Selection and Resources List for Columbia's Backpacks

    I have a course project which I have chosen Columbia (www.columbia.com) as the company and backpacks as the the product. Please provide: 1) A detailed description of the company (Columbia) and 2) Resources that can be used in the marketing analysis.

    Global Expansion into Kuwait and Qatar

    The purpose of this memorandum is to initiate a strategy that details a management decision to begin planning and research activities for market expansion into Kuwait and Qatar. These countries are apparently primed for the firm's executive leadership development programs and are willing to pay handsomely for highly effective tr

    A basic taxonomy of ten theories encompassing the thoughts and paradigms of some of the great minds in the field of management. Presented in table form, the list focuses on thought and theory germane to organizational management, global business, and e-commerce/e-business.

    The aspects of organizational management depicted in Table 1 tend to focus on aspects of change and the transactional aspects of managing change within the realm of e-commerce, virtual team collaboration, and small group dynamics (the start-up environment). This is primarily due to my desire to frame some of the elements that pr

    Overloading the Internet

    1. Why isn't the internet overloaded? Will it ever be at capacity? 2. What are some of the challenges of policing the internet? Who has the final say when it comes to content? 3. Why was the development of the browser so significant for the growth of the internet?

    Trade Agreements and Tariff Preference Programs

    Trade Agreements and Tariff Preference Programs Compare and contrast at least three free trade agreements and tariff preference programs that the United States is a party to such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GSP, and others. When comparing and contrasting, address the following questions: ? What countries are parties to the agreement?bila

    E-Commerce For Small Business

    Explain Tim Berners-Lee's contributions to e-Commerce. Analyze how those contributions have played a part in the growth of this field. Analyze how e-marketing has changed the World Wide Web.

    Discuss the steps that Ralph Smalley could have taken to prevent the bankruptcy of Crenshaw. Do you believe these steps would have been reasonable and logical to have taken at that time. Why or why not? AUDIT EVIDENCE CHAPTER 7 7-1 Contrast audit evidence with evidence used by other professions. 7-2 Identify the four audit evidence decisions that are needed to create an audit program. 7-3 Specify the characteristics that determine the persuasiveness of evidence. 7-4 Identify and apply the seven types of evidence used in auditing. 7-5 Understand the purposes of audit documentation. 7-6 Prepare organized audit documentation. 7-7 Describe how e-commerce affects audit evidence and audit documentation. SOMETIMES THE MOST IMPORTANT EVIDENCE IS NOT FOUND IN THE ACCOUNTING RECORDS Crenshaw Properties was a real estate developer that specialized in self-storage facilities that it sold to limited partner investors. Crenshaw's role was to identify projects, serve as general partner with a small investment, and raise capital from pension funds. Crenshaw had an extensive network of people who marketed these investments on a commission basis. As general partner, Crenshaw earned significant fees for related activities, including promotional fees, investment management fees, and real estate commissions. As long as the investments were successful, Crenshaw prospered. Because the investments were reasonably long-term, the underlying investors did not pay careful attention to them. However, in the mid-1980s, the market for self-storage units in many parts of the country became oversaturated. Occupancy rates, rental rates, and market values declined. Ralph Smalley, of Hambusch, Robinson & Co., did the annual audit of Crenshaw. As part of the audit, Smalley obtained financial statements for all of the partnerships in which Crenshaw was the general partner. He traced amounts back to the original partnership documents and determined that amounts agreed with partnership records. Smalley also determined that they were mathematically accurate. The purpose of doing these tests was to determine that the partnership assets, at original cost, exceeded liabilities, including the mortgage on the property and loans from investors. Under the law, Crenshaw, as general partner, was liable for any deficiency. Every year, Smalley concluded that there were no significant deficiencies in partnership net assets for which Crenshaw would be liable. What Smalley failed to recognize in the late 1980s, however, was that current market prices had declined significantly because cash flows were lower than those projected in the original partnership offering documents. In fact, Crenshaw went bankrupt in 1989, and Hambusch, Robinson & Co. was named in a suit to recover damages filed by the bankruptcy trustee.

    See attached files. Auditing and Assurance Discuss the steps that Ralph Smalley could have taken to prevent the bankruptcy of Crenshaw. Do you believe these steps would have been reasonable and logical to have taken at that time. Why or why not? AUDIT EVIDENCE CHAPTER 7 7-1 Contrast audit evidence with evidence u

    Advance costing for management's decisions - Amazon Beverages

    Evaluate Profit Impact of Alternative Transfer Decisions Amazon Beverages produces and bottles a line of soft drinks using exotic fruits from Latin America and Asia.The manufacturing process entails mixing and adding juices and coloring ingredients at bottling plant,which is a part of Mixing Division T

    Online Businesses not involved in food for ideas

    Sometimes it helps to look at different industries for ideas when it comes to new ventures, such as Internet marketing. Research the Internet for 3 - 4 companies in any industry other than foodstuffs. These companies should sell the same product or offer the same service. For example, you may choose 3 - 4 discount retaile

    Summarize BPM Changes in technology and Ebusiness Initiatives

    1. How does the article suggest that business thinking and practice has evolved since the exhortations for business process re-engineering in the 1990s? 2. Summarize the benefits for BPM discussed in the article "Process management: making complex business simpler." See the attached file.